An Older Stranger In The Early Morning


I was a sixteen-year-old teenager on a cold wintery day. I had an early morning paper route. I had to get up at 4 AM every morning and deliver papers.  It was bitterly cold and snowing a little. I wore a thick jacket, warm gloves, and a hat with a fluffy furry ball on the top. I made it through and delivered the last paper and started my way home.It was a major road, it had a porn theatre on it.  As I passed by, there was a pickup truck. I pulled my empty wagon in front of it. As I passed, an older gentleman, probably in his forties, rolled the window down and smiled at me. I smiled back as I passed. He waved me over, so I stopped and went back.He said, “Hi, what are you doing out here so early?”I responded with enthusiasm “Hi Mister. I’m a paperboy. I just finished my route.”“It sure is cold out, would you like a ride home?” I said, “Sure, that would be great.”He got out and took my wagon and put it into the back of the pickup while I got into the passenger side.He got in and we drove off. I inquired “What place is this?” I already knew.He said, “It’s a place that shows dirty movies.”I ask, “Oh, neat. What did they show?”He responded, “You know, the usual guy suriyeli escort and girl stuff.”I was horny at this point and boldly asked, “Did it make you hard?”He looked over at me, “Yeah, it did.”Three or four seconds later I continued, “Did it make you cum?”He replied, “No, not yet.”Without looking at him and in a soft shy voice I said, “I can make you cum, mister.”“Oh yeah, how’s that?” he inquired.With my heart racing I piped up, “I can suck it.”Looking at me, “Oh yeah, you like doing that?” I smiled and nodded yes.He pulled over on a side street. He said, “I’m game,” and pulled his pants and underwear down.I pulled my gloves off and wrapped my hand around his cock. It was nice and big, seven inches I would guess, thick and veiny with a big head. I gave it a couple of strokes while I looked into his eyes.I said, “Oh, you have a nice cock” as I leaned over and put the head in my mouth. I sucked on it like a sucker, swirling my tongue all around it before I went down as far as I could.It was still cold in his truck, so I am assuming he enjoyed a warm mouth around his raging hard-on. I sucked as I came back suriyeli escort bayan up, then down again trying to get it all down my throat. I could not get it all, he was too long.I hear, “ahh, you’re a good cock sucker,” as I felt his hand on the top of my head. I was still wearing my hat, so I bet he grabbed the furry ball on top. On the down stroke, I felt him push my head down.I was at a good pace going up and down, but he was pushing my head down and I was making choking and gagging noises. My eyes were watering, I was slobbering all over his cock.I felt my warm spit on my hand at the bottom of his cock while squeezing his balls. I hear, “Oh, you’re such a good boy, suck my cock good.” My head was starting to sweat with the hat on.As I bobbed up and down which I was enjoying, I hear his heavy breathing. Then, “I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum.” I pulled back but keep his head in my mouth and started stroking his cock with my hand. It was slimy and slippery with my spit.His balls tightened and his cock started to twitch. The first glob of cum hit the back of my throat. Then another. It was sweet escort suriyeli tasting, salty and slimy. I stroked him furiously as he pumped his cum in my mouth.I swallowed hard and all went down into my stomach. I stroked his cock up to get the last of it while sucking his head. I sat back up into my seat. My head felt all sweaty.Between breaths and pulling up his pants he uttered, “God, you are a great cock sucker, young man.”I replied, “Thanks, I loved it. I loved eating your hot cum mister.”“I bet you do,” he responded.“Wish we could do more,” I said.He asked, “Oh yeah, you into fucking?” I nodded yes and explained I could meet him again after school. He gave me his address. It was one of the streets on my paper route.He drove me to my house, helped with the wagon in the back, and while walking away waved and said, “See you later mister.” He smiled and waved back.I went into my house, ate breakfast, and got ready for school.At school, I could not concentrate. All I thought about was his hot cock. I could still taste the cum in my mouth and tried to savor it as long as I could.Finally, the last bell rang and I scooted out of school and rode my bike to the address he gave me. I was surprised that he is one of my customers, but I guess his wife always pays me. I got off my bike, went to the door, and knocked.He answered and let me in. He said, “I’m surprised you made it, I thought you would not come.” I explained how I could not do anything but think about his cock and how I savored his cum.

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