Ammie and Beryl


A/N: I had not originally intended to make any follow-ups when I wrote the first piece of this fiction, but one thing led to another and five parts were written in total (and perhaps others, besides). You can check my account for Part 1 if you stumbled here first — I am uploading all five at once. This part has some nudity and strong amounts of flirtation, as well as implications of incest between Amaranthe and her sister. I’m fairly pleased with this one, though less so than the first part. In particular the way this one ends I’m not proud of. Ah well.

Note: Amaranthe is 22, Beryl is 19, and the narrator is 20.

I sat by my bed, reading a new book. Well, trying to, at least – I wasn’t able to pay much attention at the moment, considering the young woman cuddled up nearby.

Beryl was lying on her back on my bed, reading a chemistry textbook of all things. Clearly she’d taken well to her new major. A little shorter and squatter than her older sister, she’d always been more academic and not quite as physically active as Amaranthe. As such, she wasn’t nearly as muscled, and had a little bit more weight on her. Not rubenesque, but certainly a bit more curvy then her sister.

Her legs were absolutely gorgeous, though, which was what held my attention at the moment. She was wearing a white overlong t-shirt as a nightgown with slits for her wings, a similar color to her alabaster skin…I wasn’t certain she wore anything at all beneath it. I considered the idea that I could ask her to lift up the shirt for a moment and find out, but a combination of discomfort at the request and not wanting to distract her from her reading, I decided not to. Instead I just stared at her legs, her pretty tail poking out from beneath it and wiggling excitedly in the air, and her lovely dragon wings.

I smiled and tried to read another few pages. After a moment, the shower in the adjacent room stopped running.

Another few minutes passed, until the door to the bathroom opened. Amaranthe stepped out, clad only in a towel low enough to show a healthy amount of cleavage but high enough that her legs were well on display. Tall, slim, and beautifully muscled, she strode into the room, stretching her arms. “Hello,” she said, smiling.

Beryl bursa üniversiteli escort looked up from her book. Her tail twitched, clearly enjoying the sight of her half-naked sister.

I set my own book to the side to enjoy the view as well. “Hello, Ammie. How was your run?”

Ammie grinned as she turned her head to the side, a few popping noises echoing as she did so. “It was great. The paths were quiet and I saw a few animals. Damn if it isn’t hot, though! I really needed that shower, I was so sweaty.”

Ammie looked away for a moment, then back at Beryl and me. She’d gotten an idea, I could tell. “You wanna know one thing that’s a little annoying about having wings?”

I frowned, trying to think if I could guess. Beryl closed her eyes for a moment and nodded — whatever it was, she’d clearly experienced it too.

“Hmm…”, I said after a moment. “Is it that you can’t fit them into a tight shirt very easily?”

“Sort of,” Ammie said. She turned around and gestured at her back. “Right now I’ve got my wings tucked into this towel, right?” Ammie turned back as she continued, “But that means I have to keep them really still. You see, if I move them even a little bit…”

My eyes widened as I realized what Amaranthe was about to do.

She flapped her wings, just a little, and her towel fell. Beryl sat up and leaned forward to get a better look. I won’t lie, I leaned in too.

Ammie’s smile widened at our staring. I’d wondered if she’d at least had underwear on so she wouldn’t have to kick us out to change, but no, she was entirely nude beneath the towel. Her slender form, muscled arms, and abdominal muscles I had all seen before, not that that made them any less impressive to behold. However, her bared breasts and hair were new to me. Lovely and small, her breasts were the same creamy grayish as the rest of her skin. Her left breast had a few scales tracing the underside, but otherwise they looked smooth and soft, with lovely darker gray nipples. And her hair…So beautiful. The straight black hair on her head was a common sight, but the gorgeous dark curls between her legs, slightly cultivated but mostly left to grow free, were near impossible to take my eyes off escort bayan of. Her skin was still slightly damp from the shower which gave her breasts a lovely sheen and her pubic hair still had a bit of water beading in it. The scales that traced from her hip to her navel seemed even more mesmerizing now, seeing what they seemed to draw my attention to.

Ammie ran a hand down her body, pausing for a brief moment when she reached her breasts. “You can imagine what it’s like to forget for just a moment and stretch your stiff wings while walking to your room. Of course, for you two, I’m happy to parade around naked all day.”

I glanced at Beryl to see her leaning further forward, nearly drooling. “Damn, sis,” she whispered. “You were drop-dead gorgeous at eighteen, but you’re even better now.”

I couldn’t help but blink a little at that comment. Amaranthe laughed at that. “We’re sisters, we saw each other naked all the time growing up. Don’t worry, we didn’t start getting frisky until a few months ago, and this is the first time I’ve been nude in front of her since then! We didn’t break the law or anything. “

I nodded. “That makes sense. I was a little concerned for a moment, but I guess that’s all ri—’

I stopped for a moment when Ammie sat next to me and wrapped one of her wings around me. Her grin faded when she looked into my shocked face. “Oh, is this too much?” She pulled her wing away, blushing furiously. “I’m really, really sorry. You know I like to flirt, and I know you do too, but I guess this is too much. I can put something on if you’d like?”

I shook my head and gestured toward her wings. “There’s no need. I was just surprised, is all. Your body is incredible, and I’m honored you were willing to bare yourself for me.”

The smile returned along with her wing. “You really think I’m that nice?” she asked. “I mean, I guess you’ve seen most of me already, it was just right here and here still covered.” She gestured toward her chest and just between her legs as she talked.

“That’s true. I guess I’m not seeing that much of you I haven’t before…but your breasts look so soft and lovely, and your hair is just -“

Beryl slid off the bed, making a pouting face. “Don’t hog all escort bursa the attention, Ammie!” she said, albeit with a somewhat playful tone. “I wanna be fawned over too!”

My eyes widened even more. “You always struck me as a bit shy, Beryl. You’re sure you want to do that?”

She seemed to hesitate for a moment, before filling with resolve once more. “Of course I do. We’re imaginary, remember? The only reason I hesitated is because you hesitated to allow me to say yes. You knew before I even said it that I was all right with it.”

Damn sexual fantasy logic. Nonsensical at times but with a naked dragon woman to my side and another soon to be naked dragon before us, I suppose I could hardly complain.

Beryl grabbed the hem of her shirt, faced us, and flipped it up just enough to give a hint of what was to come. She paused there, grinning for a moment, then gripped the shirt harder and pulled it off so hard I was surprised it didn’t rip. She fanned her wings out behind her, placed a hand on her hip, and began to stride towards us.

Indeed, I was right – beneath it she wore not a stitch. More shapely than her sister, Beryl was curvy where Ammie was slim, and smooth where Ammie was taut and muscled. Her thighs a little bigger, as well as her breasts, though her nipples were smaller. Instead of muscled abs she had soft-looking skin that I suspected would make velvet feel rough in comparison. Her pubic hair was different too – it was wavy instead of curly, and less structured than Ammie’s. It looked like she just let it run wild and never cared to shave or trim it. She too had a line of gemlike scales around her stomach, but hers ran from just below her navel to the beginning of her pubic hair.

Prettier than her sister? It was a tough call, and one I didn’t care to make. When she reached Ammie and I she flopped down in front of us. She skipped the wing entirely, and just pressed her nude body against me.

Ammie laughed. “Taking the attention, Beryl? You’re just jealous he was staring at my breasts so much.” The amount of panting she’d just begun implied she wasn’t entirely unhappy with this, however.

The two of them snuggled up with me for some time. I put the book to the side and enjoyed their presence.

Things weren’t great right now. For a lot of reasons. Sometimes pleasures can only be imaginary or scrawled on a digital page. But as I felt Amaranthe and Beryl pressed against me, joking with each other about who was sexier, I decided that that sometimes fake pleasure would do.

Even if they are just imaginary dragons.

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