Amber’s Teacher Ch. 02


“Let’s stop now, OK? I have to get home,” Amber had said, just as my eager fingertips travelled down her waistband and began to touch the first strands of soft, fuzzy pubic hair. I withdrew my hand, and my fingertips were coated with the slightest film of moisture that resulted from her shuddering orgasm a few seconds before.

I looked into her eyes, brought my fingers to my lips, licked her wetness from them, and said, “Tastes like chicken!”

She erupted into laughter. The moment served to calm the intensity of the experience we had shared. We both relaxed a little and began to recover our clothes. My lap was still wet with my cum from the blow job she had given me, so I took off my shirt and undershirt. Amber put her finger into the cum on my leg, tasted it, and said, “Tastes like…well, I don’t know, but not chicken.” She used the undershirt to finish cleaning me up, fondling my semi-hard cock as she did so. Finally,she tugged my underwear up, and I pulled up my pants and finished fastening them. I put on ny shirt, leaving the now-sticky tee shirt aside.

I picked her bra up off the seat and held it up for her to put her arms through.. Before I had her lean forward for me to fasten the clasp, I touched her nipples and fondled her perfect breasts one last time. She put her blouse on and buttoned it, then unbuttoned and unzipped her black stretch pants. She raised off the seat a little to tuck in her blouse, and as she did, her panty-covered pussy was briefly exposed. I couldn’t resist Eskort briefly touching my finger there. She moaned a little when my finger contacted the wet lace of her panties, then finished getting dressed. “I really want to keep going, ” she said. “But I’ll get a lot of questions at home if I’m not there when my Dad gets home..”

We got back in the front seat and drove back to the parking lot where we had left her car. One last kis;she got out and left.

I was a state of reverie the rest of that afternoon. Nothing quite so erotic had ever happened to me. I began to wonder what the future held, but the different scenarios were too much to contemplate on top of everything that had already happened, so I decided to just live in the moment. I had just been with a sexy 18-year old! What more was there to say!

I went home, did some household chores, and forced myself to get ready for my own lesson the next day. It took all of my will power to keep only a small portion of my brain devoted to the task. Finally, around 10 pm, I finished. I logged on to the internet, wondering if Amber woukd be online also. To my great disappointment, she was not. I went to bed, tossed and turned, and finally fell asleep.

After a few hours of restless half-sleep, I gave up and got out of bed an hour and a half before my usual time. I made coffee, poured a cup, and went to the computer. To my surprise, it showed Amber on line!

Before I could send her a message, she sent me one.

Amber: Hey, do you usually get up this early?

Me: No, couldn’t sleep. You?

Amber: Me either. I wanted to chat with you so bad last night, but my brother and Dad stayed on the computer all evening. So I was planning to off-line message you, but you are here )

Me: I wanted to chat with you too. I was disappointed not to see you on.

Amber: You are so sweet. And I am just beginning to see your sense of humor come out…that “Tastes like chicken” comment killed me. I laughed to myself about it all night. I must have had a silly look on my face because my Dad asked me what was so funny.

Me: Well, it might have tasted like chicken, but I hardly even got much of an appetizer lol. Next time I want a real taste!

Amber: You mean you want to taste my pussy?

Me: Yes! I want to see it, touch it, taste it!

Amber: So did I do good for my first time giving head?

Me: Well you saw how quickly I came. It was incredible. I’ll have to try to last longer next time:) Did you like giving head?

Amber: I didn’t feel like I knew what I was doing…You’ll just have to let me practice on you some more 😉

Me:I can’t wait to see you again.

Amber: I’m working after school the next 3 days:( I don’t kniow how I’m going to wait that long to see you. I never used to think about sex too much but since yesterday I can’t think of anything but you and me naked lol.

Me: I really liked seeing you in the plaid skirt outfit. You should wear skirts more often.

Amber: I could tell when I hugged you that you liked the outfit .

Me: How? (I already knew how, but I wanted her to tell me.)

Amber: I felt your hard on against my hip.

Me: I kind of thought you moved so it rubbed somewhere else.

Amber: I did, it was touching me right against my pussy.

Me: Did it feel good?

Amber: Really good. It turned me on so much that I made you hard. I wished I could have stayed there and rubbed against you until I orgasmed.

Me: That was the first time you could tell, but I have pretty much had a hard on every minute we have been around each other the last 2 months.

Amber: No, I could tell before ; I have been turned on all the time being around you too. I know you noticed how my nipples got hard being with you, so I purposely wore my bra and shirts that let them show. I liked when you noticed them.

Me: I thought maybe you were cold lol.

Amber: No, not cold….hot 🙂

Me: OK

Amber: You want to know something else?

Me: What?

Amber: Every time we met, I got so horny that I’d come home and…

Me: Yes?

Amber: Rub myself.

Me: I wish I could have been a fly on the wall to see!

Amber: If you want, I’ll do it for you!

Me: I would go crazy seeing you rub your cute little pussy! Just saying it is enough to make me hard as a rock.

Amber: OK then, it’s a deal. I have to go get dressed. Just talking to you has me all tingly…I’ll call you later, OK?

Me: OK.

We signed off and I was tense with anticipation of our next contact.

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