Ajay Completes What Mom Had Started


They had fallen asleep just from the comfort of being in each other’s arms. In terms of satiation what they had consumed was just an appetizer; or the taking off of the edge of mad desire.

Dipti had just taken the first few steps in reclaiming her son Ajay from the influence of his aunt (her co-sister: that would be her husband’s brother’s wife). The aunt, Shobha, had taken the nineteen year old boy in a night of happy mistakes, when she entered her nephew’s room and proceed to fellate him thinking it to be her husband. She realized the mistake very early, but it was too late from the point of view of the boy’s unbridled lust having been unleashed. What followed was the woman satisfying her lust with a stud, and the boy having lost his virginity to the mature loving woman that was his aunt.

Dipti had noticed the coming and going in the night, and when Shobha confessed to what had happened, Dipti had felt the stirrings of a shameful lust for her own son. What was meant to be just a look at her son’s sleeping form, ended up with her intending to masturbate him. And what has started as masturbation ended up with her going down on him and stroking and sucking him to cum. And then they had fallen asleep. The son had suckled his mother, and in the comfort of her arms drifted off. The mother had slept but torn between wanting more and wanting to stay the night.

Ever since Ajay had fucked his aunt, his cock would not subside. He had one prolonged erection which would recede only after he masturbated and within a very short time, it would be back again, swollen and demanding. Now, the very next night after his time with his chachi (aunt) his mother had pleasured him. That was a few hours ago and the testimony to that passage of time was his rejuvenated erection. He awoke, and realized he was in bed with a woman. That woman was his mother. When she had entered his room and taken his cock from his fist into her own hand, he had in his drowsy state, imagined it to be his aunt. When he discovered it was his mom he wanted to move away but his mother had taken him to a level of pleasure which was easy to succumb to.

As he lay there thinking of the events of the previous 24-odd hours, being taken by two women, his cock became raging hard in its state of arousal. His mother lay on his arm, her back to him. He turned towards her and snuggled up to her, his chest rubbing against her back and his arms going around her front. He remembered the aroused nipples that he had sucked as he snuggled in her arms before falling asleep. His hands cupped her breasts and his fingers found those nipples. He tugged at them and stroked the flesh, palming the nipple time and again. He hoped it would cause his mother to stir; maybe she would wake up and fuck him. He wanted to feel the woman, her wetness and her fucking.

He pressed close to her ass and aligned his cock along her ass and humped her through their clothing. He simulated fucking her, rubbing his cock against the fabric of her nightdress. Slowly he tried to lift his mother’s gown but it was pinned under her. She stirred in her sleep and reached behind as she caressed his head.

“Beta, kya kar rahe ho?” she murmured. (Son, what are you doing?)

He kissed her ear and opened his mouth to say something, but he was at a loss for words. What could he say; that he wanted to fuck her? He thought it better to just kiss her and so he proceeded to give her ear a wet kiss. Dipti sighed as she felt the warmth and the arousal that his mouth caused. Her hand found his hand and she led his fingers to her crotch. She raised her upper leg, knee bent, giving him access to the waiting pussy. Ajay ran his fingers on the furry patch of hair. He tried to delve deeper but the hair was an obstruction and the young man had neither the experience nor the guts to go beyond and discover.

Dipti held his fingers and guided it still closer, her hand showing his fingers the edge of the crevasse. She pulled open her own flesh and stuffed his hands in, the initial wetness helping him prod further. She felt soft and he was afraid he might hurt her by trying to push in harder. Then the boy’s hand swiftly moved away and he came at her from behind, between the legs under the ass and probed the same lips from bottom upward. He found a less hairy end of her cunt, and more wet and his fingers crept up the valley, going deeper as he climbed higher. Now his fingers entered the wet inner pool but it was middle finger which was ideally positioned. It slid in and the boy finger fucked his mom.

She gasped and wangled her legs to a wider position, the cunt gaping open and hardly fulfilled by a single finger sawing in and out. She moved her knees close and squeezed her thighs together, and it gave her immense pleasure as her flesh closed in on that one invading finger. And she flapped her knees open and shut like that several times, feeling the pleasure from the movement.

Ajay leaned on his elbow and reached over his mom. He knew she wanted bursa eskort bayan more than one finger and he was now able to slide in two fingers into what was clearly a far more juiced up cunt.

“Oh beta!” sighed Dipti, pulling his face and turning to kiss him with an open waiting mouth.

He raised her leg now and his cock nosed her ass, staining her flesh. The son angled his cock to try entering mom from behind. She gasped at the audacity of the boy. She reached for his cock from between her thighs and directed the head to her cunt lips. She reamed her cunt with his wet cock, painting herself with his juices. He angled himself more, searching for the way in. she held him there when the angle was right. “Now push,” she whispered. It did not even cross her mind that she was about to commit the ultimate act of incest. Ajay gripped her breast with his lower hand which was still wrapped around her chest. His other hand held his cock even as his mom made sure the trajectory of the missile was right. He thrust forward and sank into his mother’s flesh with a shudder.

“Oh ma! You are so wet, so delicious, so exciting!” he gasped as he slid in deep and settled into her womb. His hand was now on her hip, pulling her close to him so as to embed him as far as he could. He could feel that there was more to go deep into her, but he seemed able to only fuck with the first part of his cock. “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannnhhhh! Beta, chod mujhe, fuck me!” pleased his mother.

The boy was shocked at the language but he could relate to her uncontrolled desire. He held his mother’s hips and fucked her hard from behind.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, betaaaaaaaaaaaa! Isn’t this what we wanted, my son, my love, my dearest?” she sobbed with pleasure. She could feel his fullness more than her husband had ever driven into her. But from her waking to her fucking was very quick and she wanted more control. She raised herself a bit and drove her ass back at the cock now firmly wedged between her legs. She pounded back and he pounded into her. They both grunted and squealed their pleasure and their effort at the fucking they were giving each other.

“Take mom, take. Tumhe yahi chahye than na?” he wailed, hammering away, enjoying the pleasure of the vast expanse of her skin which was caressing him in this position.

Suddenly, Dipti got too aggressive and the cock slipped out, the wet pillar smearing itself on her ass. “Haaaaaieeeee! No. Come back, here, here, take me!” she pleaded thrusting her ass back at him holding her legs apart, the upper one well in the air.

The inexperienced lad groaned as he thrust and shoved in vain. Then he pulled his mother back till she was flat on her back. Dipti held up her legs, knees bent in the classic missionary position that she had been used to taking for her husband. Ajay got between her legs. Once again, he needed help. Dipti reached between them and grabbed his cock, slippery and slithering with their juices. She guided the cock to her cunt and quickly her hands raced to grab his shoulder and ass and take his thrust in.

Ajay looked down at this mother’s crazed face, the night gown wide open at the chest and large breasts lying flat and shimmering in the lights of the night. Somewhere, the necklace signifying her married status, the mangalsutra glinted in the reflections of night. He thrust forward and groaned loudly as the cock slide straight in, deep into the hot bubbling chasm. Dipti wailed her acceptance of the manhood in her with a loud “Haaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnhhhhhhhhhhhh! Haan beta, haan! Uh. Uh. Ha- uh. Huh. Hai! Yes!” she grunted with every animal thrust from her son.

He was wider, harder and more muscled than his father, she thought, bizarrely. The pleasure was amazing, with the excitement brought on by illegitimacy only greater. Her finger nails dug into his shoulder, his back and his ass as her hands raked her young lover’s body.

Sweat dripped from his forehead on to her body as they continued to fuck. She twisted and turned her hips. She felt open and accepting. Fluids gushed down the love channel and the bed below them slowly but surely grew damp.

Ajay leaned forward to suck her breast. The combined effect of being sucked and fucked was too much for her. The biting at the breast led to tingling at the cunt. She exploded in one round of hot fluid orgasms as her body wracked and wriggled; every pore in her body exploded.

“Oh! Betaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” she blabbered, unmindful of the night and the noises it carried. Equally unmindful, she dug her nails into his ass and back deep enough to make red marks on one side, and draw blood on the other.

She pulled him down and hugged him to her, her face in the crook of his shoulder and head and she laughed as she felt her cunt tremble and fibrillate around his pulsing cock.

He was far from over and that she knew. And she knew how she wanted him to finish. She held him so close and cupped his ass so bursa merkez escort tightly that the only movement he could achieve was by wiggling his ass and humping her without moving his body.

“Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Beta. Let mummy show you how,” she whispered to him. And then she proceeded to stroke his back and hold him close calming him down. She could feel the still –twitching cock rest inside her. She let it be. There was lots to teach the young man. And lots to take given that she was not getting enough of what she wanted, and she just had redefined the meaning of that word: “wanting”.

When he had calmed enough, she pushed him off. The young man rolled off his mother and was on his back. His arms were already outstretched as he prepared to receive his mother. He knew she would be riding him now and he was aching for her wet sheath to close around his cock again, quickly. Quickly! Urgently!

She looked down on him lovingly. Her Ajay! His hands were on her arms. She pushed him back and pulled the nightgown off over her head. And there she was, poised over him in her full naked glory. Her breasts hung, somewhat slouched but full and promising nevertheless. His hands were now on her bare shoulders, pulling her to him. He reached up with his mouth and tongued her breasts. They were long laving laps from his tongue, as if he were eating a cone ice-cream. She shivered in pleasure and threw her head back and pulled his head to the breasts, ever so ready to feed him.

The other hand reached down and gripped the soppy mess of a cock. It needed drying off. She gently pushed him back and kissed his chest, and tongued his nipples. Then his stomach and as she reached there her hair fell over his cock, staining her hair. She smiled; she would need quite a detailed bath in the morning, including washing her hair. A corner of her mind reminded her to do this before she came face to face with her husband in the morning. She used her night gown to cover the upward thrusting pillar and wiped him with a couple of thrusts. The boy winced as this proved a bit rough and painful.

The cock shrank a bit with that only to find itself smothered in her lips. She bobbed her head up and down rapidly, her sheer inexperience at this overcome by the extreme desire to please.

Ajay’s body was wracked with pleasure as he threw himself about, holding her head to his cock not letting her stop when she was ready to stop. As soon as she tried to lift her head off, she felt his hand restrain her head and she went into another bout of mouthing him. Her tongue focused on the head as she swirled him about.

“Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, yesssssssssssssssssssssss!” moaned the thrilled youngster. Now his mother raised her head and looked up at him; his eyes were shut and he was clearly ready to cum. She held him in her fist, not willing to leave the cock unattended.

As she straddled his body she knew that his enslavement to her had to be done methodically. She kneeled on one knee and placed her other leg outward so her body was completely open. She held the cock firmly to her lips and when she had him wedged at the entrance, she sank down. Ajay raised his head and leaned forward with a loud “Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Oh yes! Fuccccccccccccccccccck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!” he shamelessly used profanities to express his wild state. This was the same woman who had chastised him for years on language and manners.

She rested back on her heels, his cock firmly lodged in her womb and held his face in her hands. “Look at me,” she ordered him. Her hips continued to rock gently, the cock never missing the stroking of her flesh. She did not want him to feel desperate. Ma was here to take care of his every need and she wasn’t about to tease him.

“Who am I?” she asked, rocking gently, feeling the upper cupped chamber of her pussy slipping over the cockhead back and forth.

“Ma?” he stammered, unsure of whether he could describe her in such terms at a time of such intense desire and satiation.

“I am the woman to whom you have looked for everything for all these years, right?” she drove her point as she leaned forward a bit and took all her cunt down the full length of his cock.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaah! Yes! My every need, ma! Yes!” he panted. His hands went to her ass and tried to pull her down and hold her there. He needed that sheath covering him, stroking him and he tried to gain command over the rhythm.

“You are not going to look at another woman for your sexual needs again, understood?” she raised her hips, and when poised over the aching cock, thrust down hard.

“Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Boy! No, no, I am never going to need another woman in my life!” he thrust upward jabbing at her cunt with a few sharp thrusts of relief.

Now she leaned forward holding her hips comfortably over the cock so each could fuck the other, and her hands were positioned over his head so that her breasts hung over his face. bursa sınırsız escort bayan

“Take what you need from your momma, okay?” she smiled down at him, the look on her face a mixture of kindness and lustfulness, in offering herself thus.

His lips reached her breasts and he started to suck on the nipples. Dipti shivered as she felt the nipples react and send tingling signals down to her cunt. She continued to rock gently back and forth as they fucked in the unhurried manner of a couple that had all night.

She balanced herself, a bit awkwardly on one hand, but found it necessary to massage her own mass of fleshy breast and feed the nipple to her boy. He sucked on it greedily, quickly replacing her hand with his own and meeting her need for being touched. He kneaded and massaged her breast and milked it into his mouth. His hips continued to thrust upward. Between her sliding down and his fucking up they managed to keep each others heat at bay or at least, at a manageable level of desire.

Now she sat back on this thighs giving him space to sit up. His cock popped out but it was necessary for her to get her legs around his hips and allow him to sit up. As he sat up his cock pressed against her belly. She looked down and saw the head, reddened and furious pressed between them. That exactly was where it was when she was riding him, she thought, except that it was inside her. She looked into his eyes and smiled. Raising herself a bit, the cock quickly nestled back in her and now she rocked back and forth on his lap. The cunt slid over his cock again and again. Ajay had no control on the way his mother was squeezing every drop of his desire out. He tried to raise his knees but it dropped back under her weight.

“Ui maaaaa!” she gasped as the effect of this move by him lifted her up gently but dropped her back with ferocity and she slammed down on the cock. Her teeth dug into his shoulder as she took her pleasure and Ajay repeated the maneuver a few times. Dipti held his shoulders and tried to pound down on him to conquer the marauding cock. Mother son battled thus for a few sweaty minutes, with grunts and moans dominating the proceedings.

When the limbs needed rest, both settled back into rocking. The boy looked down and saw his mothers breasts pressed against his chest, caressing him as it were.

She now kissed him gently. Close mouthed, small and several all over his lips and face. She then hugged him close.

“Who is Shobha?” she asked him, coming back to complete her re-scripting of his sexual history.

He grinned at her. His cock swelled perceptibly at the import of the question. He fucked back at her. “Who?” he asked.

“No one, right?” she looked back at him with an intensity that defied description. But the fury of her fucking him with the rapid thrusts of her hips told him that she was someone he was to forget.

“She was to bring you to me. She has done that and now she is gone,” replied Ajay.

“Yes, gone. Forever. Now it’s me. And you,” she concluded triumphantly.

She pushed him back. As the boy fell back she raised herself off him. She reached down for his cock and pumped it with her fist a couple of times. Then she descended on him with her legs closer together and her cunt muscles clenched. The cock had trouble sliding up but the juices flowing from her rapidly eased the task. She shivered as she felt that thickness once again.

Yes, Shobha was right. The boy was uniquely endowed. But she was going to keep him all to herself. She resumed fucking in right earnest plunging over the cock again and again.

“Come beta! Fill me. I am there to take care of you and every thing that you have to give!” she huffed as she exerted herself.

The breasts were flapping. The son did not know what to say in reply. He held her breasts in both hands, using them in effect to hold her up. The effect on her was electric as he mashed the breasts into her chest and rotated them.

“Unhhhhhhhhhh! Ha! Yah! Uiii maaaa!” she shuddered. Her face was screwed up in a look of intense pleasure. She pounded him mercilessly.

“Come beta, come! Fill mamma!” she pleaded.

The words did it. The stud youngster could have fucked her more, he knew it, and she knew it. She smiled at that thought. Unlimited pleasure lay there for her to take when she wanted, as she wanted. But they had both heard some door banging somewhere. Neither wanted Gopal to come and discover the wild animal incestuous ness in his own house. It would end many things; of all of those, the lust crazed woman and youth did not want this to end.

And so the lovemaking, no – the fucking, had to end. Ajay stopped the thrusting, allowing his mother to finish him. His eyes were closed. He alternated between holding those breasts and reaching up to lick them.

When the orgasm came, it started as a meltdown which grew into a roaring shot of cum as he blasted upwards. His mother, while she knew this was coming, was still surprised with the warm blast that spread inside her. “Oh!” she went. Her cunt had spasmed a million times this last hour or so and she had lost count and record of what she felt and how much of it she had felt. She reveled in the thrusts and jerks as the boy released his semen and surely – sperm, into her womb.

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