After the soccer game_(0)


I often find question how I get myself in these types if situations. My neighbor is a single father who has a daughter named Valerie. The weekends weather was supposed to be terrible, so I planned on staying in and just to watch movies. Then I received a phone call from my Kyle (my neighbor).

“Kevin, I new your help. I dropped off Valerie at the school for her soccer game and I just got called into work. Can you go to the school and wait for the game to finish? bring her to my house and just look after her for a bit. I really need ya man.”

“No worry’s, I’m on it” I replied as I looked out the window to see it pouring rain.

I grabbed a large umbrella and headed off to the game. I put the wipers on full blast the whole way to the school. I thought to myself that with the weather they would have to call off the game but sure enough I pull up to a soccer field full of girls running around in the rain on a muddy field.

I got out of my car and opened my umbrella and walked towards the edge of the field with several other bystanders and waited for the game to end. I quickly had to put my cock under my shorts band as it became as hard as a steel baseball bat. Valerie team had on white shirts and white shorts. With the rain you could see what color underwear or bra each girl had and several had nothing on at all.

I wondered how long it would be and then the referee blew his whistle and ended to game due to the weather getting worse and worse. And I was suddenly surrounded by 17 year old girls bending over to collect their things.

” Hey Kevin! What are you doing here?” She asked. I couldn’t contain myself from staring at her breasts which where clearly visible from the fabric of the wet shirt sticking to her body.

I explained the situation to her and she smiled escort jigolo gaziantep and walked to her friend as her ponytail swayed from side to side. She walked back with her friend Jessica ( who had the same figure as Valerie, 5′ but had blonde hair and blue eyes) and asked me if she could come. I nodded just to try to get us Into the car faster.

Both the girls cuddled close to me to get under the umbrella and chuckled as I would adjust my boner if not it would pop straight out of my shorts.

“You guys can both be in the back if you want or one up here with me and one back there.” I said as we arrived at my car.

“I’ll sit in the front with you” Valerie said as she quickly hopped in the front seat. Jessica didn’t argue and hopped in the back and slide into the middle seat.

“Are we going over to your place or mine?” Valerie asked curiously, winking at her friend but then moving her eyes back on the bulge in the front my shorts.

“Your dad asked me to take you back to your place, maybe you Guys wanna stop and get some food?” I replied

“Oh ok. No we’re fine, there’s food at the house” said Valerie politely. Valerie abruptly turned around and whispered something in jessicas ear and suddenly Jessica blushed and then yelled out “YOU ARE DISGUSTING”

I pulled right into the garage and closed the garage door before getting out of the car. I did not want the neighbors to see me with two teenage girls in their soaking wet clothes.

Valerie took her shower first which left me alone with Jessica whom I’ve never met before.

I started the conversation. “So what were you guys laughing about on the car ride her?”

Jessica- “Well… *chuckles* since your shorts were wet we could kinda see your escort bayan gaziantep lezbiyen penis through your shorts”

Me- “What did ya think of it”

Jessica- “It’s huge! Valerie and I have had boys show us their cocks before but… Theirs were tiny “

Me- “Did you guys do anything with the boys”

Jessica- “We had them jack off for us, then they came on our faces! I didn’t feel right sucking their dicks”

Me- “what about mine? Are you okay with sucking mine”

Jessica- I don’t know… Let me see it”

Jessica then slowed walked towards me and pulled my shorts and my cock popped out immediately hitting her in the face a bit.

We both heard the shower turn off and Jessica quick bent herself over the bed and offered herself to me.

I asked if she was sure. She nodded and asked me to cum inside her quickly.

I gripped her ass cheeks and put my throbbing cock into her. I started slowly as she was a virgin. I continued to quicken my strokes, when I was about to finish, I moved her whole body onto the bed and placed her face down so I could see her ass jiggle every stroke. I let my load into her tight pussy.

When I got off the bed I saw her sit up and tear came out of her eye.

“Are you okay” I asked

“That was amazing,It Just hurt A bit ” she replied

Jessica instantly grabbed her phone and called her mom. I thought see was going to tell her mother what had just happens but instead she asked to be picked up.

5minutes later Jessica’s mother arrived she gave me her number . She told Valerie she was leaving and walked out.

It must have been 15 more minutes for Valerie to come out. But it was well worth the wait.

She walked out of the steaming gaziantep escort masaj salonları bathroom in a pink bra and black panties. She walked to the bed and laid her head on my chest as we watched tv. She saw my cock start to raise up.

“What’s going on down there?” She said as she looked up at me

“Im gonna take a look” she continued

Valerie crawled to the end of my feet and pulled down my shorts. She smiled at me as my cock stood straight up.

After sucking my cock she crawled up to me and kissed me. She put the tip of my cock into her vagina. She let out a loud moan at first but she quickly found herself unable to stop riding my cock.

I flipped her onto her back and continued to ram my cock into her pussy. Only a few minutes later she came all over me.

I still wasn’t done and neither was she.

“Valerie, lie down and pour some massage oil all over your breasts. I want them nice and slick so I can slide my cock between your tits.” Valerie obeyed immediately. Soon her nipples were hard”

“Valerie, push your breasts together”. As I fucked her tits. My cum was boiling as I looked at her face and I knew I was ready to burst.

Valerie pushed my down and bounced on my cock reverse cowgirl

I began to spasm as valerie continued to twerk on me. Suddenly the cum gushed out, spraying a long stream of my semen in vagina. Valerie moaned as I continued to cum in her.

Then she gently sucked and licked at my shrinking cock until she had cleaned up every last drop of warm sperm.

Valerie put her clothes back on and not but 10 minutes later Kyle walked in. He thanked me as if I have saved his daughters life. While walking out the door he handed me a hundred dollar bill. About 8 feet behind him valerie was typing on my phone and then pulled up her shirt and took a selfie.

“Kevin you forgot your phone!” She yelled as she passed me my phone. I thanked them both and closed the door. I check my phone and she put her contact on my homepage and made herself my background. As soon as I walk into muly house I received a message, “leave your door unlocked”

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