A Weekend Away with the Girls


Every year since graduating from university my group of girlfriends and I have always tried to catch up to spend a weekend away somewhere together usually consisting of drinking lots of wine, pampering ourselves and reminiscing about the good old days spent as students.

Having been unable to catch up last year we were more determined than ever to meet up this time and a hotel was booked in the quaint city of York perfect for satisfying our shopping, drinking and gossip needs.

It was a beautiful sunny weekend and we all looked pretty impressive for our age in our summer dresses attracting a fair bit of attention from the male population of the city. Between the five of us there was certainly something on offer for every taste, boobs of all sizes, blondes, brunettes, a red head and enough shapely bums and legs to keep a rugby team hard and horny. We’re all married or in serious relationships except one but that hasn’t stopped the girls on previous trips from getting up to some seriously filthy fun but that’s a whole other story.

I’d been shopping ready for the trip and treated myself to some new sexy black underwear, the bra wasn’t my usual choice as it was a push up balcony bra and it made my boobs look even larger than normal but Olly my husband certainly approved as he was hard in seconds of me modelling it for him. It was my new dress that I was especially excited about wearing though, a pink summer dress with a high slit up the right thigh, a tight waist and matching belt and a low cut strap free neckline. I felt a little Jessica Rabbit but wearing the outfit with my new underwear beneath made me feel sexy and very horny.

On the Saturday afternoon we were all sat chatting over drinks in the hotel bar in the middle of town when Claire (for the record blonde, slim and ridiculously pretty) alerted us all to a familiar face who was sat across the pub from us. Andy had been in the same year as us at college and was simply a great guy, one of those who had arrived at university with a long-term girlfriend and spent the next four years being unswervingly faithful to her despite numerous opportunities to cheat. The fact that his girlfriend was an absolute bitch in every sense did very little to appease me and my friends on this matter.

The closest that he had come to giving in to temptation was getting caught having a wank while he watched a drunken Jennie (another of our gang, a tall and leggy redhead with bouncy b cups – tennis ball tits she was known as at uni) fucking her boyfriend in the dorms late one Saturday night. The story goes that he was watching through a slightly open door believing that he couldn’t be seen. To this day Jen claims that she gave him all of her best pornstar moves and sound effects to try and entice him to join in the fun but he remained the gentleman, instead choosing to spunk all over the hall carpet. Jen’s then boyfriend at the time never did find out and he was dumped shortly afterwards, she claims because of him repeatedly trying to push his tongue up her arse while eating her pussy, an activity which these days she actively encourages guys to do! How times change…

Within the hour Andy was sat at our table and buying the drinks as we all teased him about his wasted chances back in the day. He told us that after five years of marriage they had separated, albeit relatively amicably and he now had a new girlfriend some fifteen years his junior at 25 years old. Claire had always had a really soft spot (soft, wet and sticky she would regularly tease him) for Andy and she was visibly deflated, being single still herself, when he shared a photograph of his latest flame and she was stunning. Long naturally wavy brunette hair and an olive complexion complimented by a petite figure and in this particular picture some ample cleavage on show as well.

The afternoon became the evening and the drinks continued to flow and before Ash decided to leave, we had all arranged to meet for lunch the next day. We exchanged numbers and he was on his way. He now lived in York and jokingly invited us over for supper that evening before quickly retracting the invitation when we told him that we’d love to and to tell his new girlfriend some stories about him.

A little later while I was outside on the phone to my husband and enjoying the warm summer sunshine, Claire joined me with a mischievous look on her face and showed me her phone where a conversation had sprung up between her and Andy on WhatsApp. I caught the general mood of the conversation, underwear, missed opportunities in the past and a comment from him about wishing that he had fucked Claire when he had had the chance. A new message came through and it was a picture this time of him sat in a taxi with what looked like an impressive erection clearly visible through his jeans. I was now getting a little excited myself and was eager to find out what Claire had in mind. She scrolled through the pics on her phone for a selfie to send him in return (us girls all ordu escort have a collection of such images stored somewhere for situations like this very one) and she decided on a pic which showed her from the nose down licking her lips as her long blonde hair covered her breasts. It was impossible to tell that the photo was definitely of her but her nipples were clearly visible through her hair and her C cup boobs still looked as perky as when we lived together all those years ago. She pressed send and we went back inside to finish our drinks.

By now the wine and chatting with my husband earlier had me feeling horny and so I excused myself with a couple of the other girls and we went upstairs to freshen up ready for the night ahead. The truth was though that my pussy needed some attention and within moments I was laid out on the bed watching porn on my laptop as I gently rubbed my clit through my black panties. I called Olly for a little phone sex and was left even more frustrated when he didn’t pick up leaving me all alone, legs spread wide open on the huge hotel bed. I love listening to him talking dirty to me as wanks off on the phone but this wasn’t happening tonight unfortunately. My fingers felt good as I ran them between my sticky pussy lips and I bit my lip gently as I wiped some of the sticky juice around my arsehole when an idea came to me.

I reached for my phone and began taking selfies getting more and more aroused with each one. That should get my husband on the phone pretty quickly when he sees them I thought but after a further five minutes or so I still had not heard from him, nor had I cum!

By now the need to get myself off was almost painful and I decided to really act the little slutty pricktease that I often get accused of being by my friends. I knelt on the bed and undid my bra releasing my tits, complete with fully erect nipples, and I swept my hair over my chest mimicking Claire’s pic which she had earlier sent to Andy. With my phone in one hand I began taking pics while my other hand became a blur as I fingered myself hard and deep. After a couple of attempts and minor adjustments with my camera I settled on the perfect picture and then added Andy to my own WhatsApp contacts. By now I was so horny that a few more rubs of my swollen clit, combined with me pinching my nipples had me reaching orgasm in seconds, not forgetting to send the picture before I came hard and long all over my slippery fingers.

Wiping my cum all over my hard nipples making them glisten, I smiled to myself as I took another selfie to show Olly what he had missed out on. I did in fact look super slutty surrounded by my discarded underwear, hair all tousled and cheeks flushed, naked on the hotel bed. I pushed my big tits together and pouted at the camera before snapping a couple of close ups of my shaven and freshly fingered cunt. It was time to shower now and get ready for the evening ahead.

It was indeed a fun evening and we were all enjoying the light summer night, the attention from the guys and more importantly each others company. After chatting at the bar with a group of 20 something’s on a stag do, who were all unsuccessfully giving us their best lines, I stepped away and saw Claire in the beer garden by the river sat alone having a cigarette so I went out to take her her drink and to find out the latest gossip on Andy. As I had showered earlier I had felt a little guilty about sending the raunchy picture to him myself but I knew that Claire would be ok but just to make sure I decided to tell her to avoid any awkwardness.

‘You dirty fucking bitch!’ she laughed as she playfully grabbed my boobs and gave me a push from the bench we were sat. ‘Did he reply?’ she asked and to my own quiet disappointment I had to tell her that no, he hadn’t. Usually whenever I’ve sent sexy selfies before they’ve always been very gratefully received but this time I had to concede defeat to my sexy blonde friend. He had certainly seen the picture but the cheeky twat hadn’t the decency to reply. He hadn’t even had the decency to send me a pic of his cock in return…

‘Well bitch, take a look at these!’ Claire beamed as she began to show me image after image of naked Andy and his impressive cock which she had been sent over the course of the evening. He was still in good physical condition, a footballer’s physique with sexy muscular legs and a great arse but the one thing that impressed me more than anything was the last pic that Claire shared with me. In this one he was knelt over with one hand spreading his arse cheeks wide apart while he had the tip of his cock in his own mouth!

‘He can suck his own cock?!?’ I questioned out loud and we both nearly cried with laughter. His prick looked about 7 inches in length but I’d never seen anyone in real life able to do this. I’d watched Olly try and fail many times in the bedroom when we would be fooling around but this guy was the real deal. She sent me the picture and I immediately forwarded rize escort it to my hubby with the caption ‘what real men do…’ and a 😉 face. This time Olly was in immediate contact wanting to know what we were up to and who the fuck was as he called him… ‘Captain Cocksucker’???

A few bars later I felt my phone vibrate in my handbag and when I checked it I was surprised to see a message from Andy. ‘Fucking gorgeous tits babe! Was all it said with a couple of xxx’s and ( . )( . ) symbols. Better late than never I thought and headed over to show a tipsy Claire my new message. ‘Let me see what you sent him Em?’ she asked and then she hit me again when I showed her my tits in the exact copied pose that she had sent earlier. As we laughed she squeezed my tits and commented on how impressive they still were. ‘You dirty lezzer’ I giggled and then I had an idea. I whispered in her ear and within seconds she was leading me by the hand through the busy pub.

In the girls’ bathroom we made our way in to one of the toilet cubicles and I immediately pulled Claire’s dress down. She was wearing a strapless flowery number and no bra and I began to gently pull her nipples to make then hard and ready for the camera. We had done this kind of thing numerous times over the years and it had become a kind of party piece for us both. As I moved my mouth to suck her left nipple she let out an involuntary groan and I nearly dropped my phone in shock. The idea was to get a few ‘lipstick lesbian’ pics to send to Olly and Andy but Claire’s reaction of ‘Fuck! Do that again Em!’ was completely unexpected. ‘You’re supposed to be taking photos you horny slut?’ I giggled as this time I took her other nipple between my teeth and pulled firmly sucking the rest of her firm tit against my lips. Her groan this time was even more wanton and she looked down at me and laughed nervously, ‘This is making me too horny babes’. The look on her face was priceless, her pretty features overcome with a lustful expression. ‘It’s been building all day and it’s been days since I’ve cum’ she began to explain as she hitched up her dress now revealing her pussy, complete with blonde Brazilian, pulling me towards her again.

‘Just suck them please…’ she whispered as she pushed her tits in my face and like a true friend I did as I was asked. Her nipples aren’t quite as big as mine but they look perfect on her tits but I was intent on getting them as hard as I possibly could. I could feel Claire’s right hand moving fast between her thighs as she touched herself and this movement was in turn rubbing against my tits which was starting to turn me on again. Claire came quickly, her whole body tensing as she leaned against the toilet cubicle wall with her fingers in her pussy while I sucked away on her tits!

‘Sorry hun!’ she was blushing now at the scene of her almost naked body in front of her best friend. Having just wanked herself off, this was something that we certainly had not practiced previously for our party piece.

‘It’s not a problem Claire.’ I giggled. ‘I had to have a little play myself this afternoon, hence sending the pic to Andy’.

‘I’m still horny though and I need cock babes’ she was grinning again now as she wiped her pussy clean and began to put her tits back in her dress. While she touched up her make up I lingered in the cubicle and couldn’t resist sliding my hand inside my own knickers, I was wet and sticky again and now craving some serious cock fun myself. The sensation of slowly circling my clit with my freshly manicured nails felt amazing.

‘Fuck it’ shouted Claire through the toilet door, ‘I’m inviting him over babes’ the drink clearly giving her all of the courage that she needed. This was all that I needed to bring on my own orgasm and my knees buckled as I came yet again that day.

It was about 11.30pm by the time Andy arrived at the hotel bar and his arrival signalled Jen and I to head off to bed and leave the two of them to it. The other two girls were still out and last spotted chatting with a couple of handsome older guys and I was keen to hear their exploits in the morning over breakfast. Claire had finally plucked up the courage to invite him over when she found out that his girlfriend was away for the weekend and I had the feeling that they were in for a great night of fucking!

Back in the room I poured myself a glass of water and slipped out of my dress and sat at the edge of the bed watching the world go by for a good 20 minutes. Still wearing my matching underwear and my high heels I studied myself in the mirror, giggling that if anyone were to walk through the door right this moment they would think that a high class call girl had been ordered. Instead I was about to slip between the covers and sleep when my phone beeped. Claire now messaging me with another 😉 face. It was another picture, this time of Claire asleep on the sofa in the bar and a smiling Andy raising a glass to the camera. I jumped up and slipped my dress sakarya escort back on and headed out to the lift and back to the bar.

Claire was fine but drunk and tired and had quite literally passed out after a very eventful day. We picked her up and carried her over to the lift and I teased Andy again about missing yet another chance, Claire incoherently mumbled something and we both laughed. At the door of her hotel room I held it open as he squeezed passed me with Claire in his arms and his hard body felt good and sent little tingling sensations through my nipples and pussy.

As I slipped her out of her dress Andy tried to remain the gentleman but he couldn’t resist staring at Claire’s naked slim body before I slipped her under the covers.

‘You girls are even hotter these days you know than you were at college’ he smirked. I honestly thought that I was going to get my hands on Claire tonight after years and years of fantasising and wanking over you all.’

‘You’re a naughty boy!’ I chastised him, what would your young hot girlfriend have to say about all of this?’

“You can’t talk Em because you’re the one at uni who would only fool around with guys who had girlfriends’ he added correctly.

‘And that pic of your tits made my cock throb’.

‘Prove it…’ I smiled at him. The heat between my legs was beginning to build and a powerful slutty feeling was coursing through me.

He stepped closer to me and I backed away towards the door at the same time lifting my dress to flash him my now wet knickers. Holding his gaze, I pulled down my dress exposing my big tits held high in my bra, my nipples hard and poking through the sheer material.

He had unbuttoned his jeans already and slowly pulled out his meaty prick, pre-cum was leaking everywhere from the tip of it and dribbling on to the hotel room floor.

‘Show me your cunt you dirty bitch’ he ordered as he began to slowly wank himself off.

I pulled my knickers aside and began teasing myself in front of him and fuck did it feel good! I tipped my head back in pleasure and let out a huge sigh as I felt his cock bump against my pussy as he wanked himself now even faster against my shaven mound. He began to rub his cock against my clit and our juices were now beginning to mix and cover my panties is sexy goo.

‘Suck my tits Andy’ I urged him and immediately I felt him roughly pulling at my bra. He squeezed my tits hard, just how I like it and now our bodies were grinding hard against each other. He took my tits in his hands squeezing them together and then sucked hard on both my nipples at the same time and that was it! Another orgasm shook my entire body but this time it lasted even longer than before as the head of Andy’s cock had parted my pussy lips and had slipped inside my cunt.

I pushed him away and tried to regain my composure. As a rule I never have unprotected sex and this new cock in my pussy had certainly given me an amazing thrill.

‘Still a fucking pricktease Em?’ he smirked?

‘Uh huh’ I nodded. ‘Why don’t you taste my pussy for yourself Mr? But from your own cock’ I giggled.

Andy’s face was a picture and he rolled his eyes at me. ‘Seeing as it’s you then’ he replied and stepped out of his jeans and boxers. As he sat on the floor he spread his legs pretty wide and leaned over effortlessly. I watched excitedly as the tip of his tongue circled his bell end lapping up our juices before watching the tip of his prick disappear between his lips as he began to blow himself. It was such a hot sight I knelt down to get a closer view and took his hand and placed it on my tits.

‘My turn now’. Andy sat up and his prick sprang back in to view allowing me to grab it in my hand. He was pulsing and super aroused as I squeezed his thick cock in my hand.

‘Do you want to cum baby?’ I asked as I began to wank him slowly, leaning over so that my tits brushed against his cock. He leaned forward and took a handful of my tits again and began hungrily biting and sucking my nipples while his other hand traced its way along my inner thigh and began pulling at my knickers.

‘I’m going to suck your cock now Andy and then we can compare notes babe. Then you need to decide where exactly you want to empty those heavy balls?’ I asked as I gave his ballsack a gentle tug and slipped his cock straight down my throat. I gagged slightly and he was already bucking his hips like crazy trying to fuck my lipstick covered mouth. His prick felt thick in my mouth and I couldn’t resist lightly raking my teeth along his shaft as I sucked him off. The taste was wonderful and I began to make loud slurping noises as I greedily sucked his cock, my saliva mixing with our juices.

‘You sexy fucking slut! Sucking on my cock like a cheap fucking tramp and loving it!’ he barked at me as I felt at least two fingers forced inside my cunt which felt amazing. This however caught me off balance and as I fell backwards on to floor Andy moved with me and suddenly he was on top of me pinning me down as he bit and sucked on my tits and neck.

I wriggled underneath him to open my thighs and I felt the familiar sensation of his cock against my dripping wet hole but this time I wasn’t in control.

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