A Waitress on Stage


I am going to tell you a story, and it is going to be one hundred percent true, except for this one lie I am going to early in the story. It’s up to you to decide what that lie is.

When I was in high school I was a waitress at this trendy little restaurant in on the square of my hometown. It had a pretty extensive bar in it, but I had just turned 18 and was legally allowed to carry drinks, unlike some of the other girls there who had to come and get someone to bring the alcohol to the tables they waited. I liked working there, it was hip and we saw a mix of local city politicians and young families out for a night on the town. I did pretty well as a waitress, but I am sure that is probably 30% because I have a upbeat fun attitude, and 70% because standing 5’2″, with long brown hair that came almost down to my ass, coupled with a pert, tight bubble butt, and a 110 pound body that was tiny and taught and a padded bra on my cute little a-cup tits, I was an absolute smoke show.

Because I was still in school, I worked mostly weekends, with a couple of early evening 5-9 shift thrown in on weeknights. Weeknights were mostly couples and business types after work, and weekends were usually families. That’s where I knew him from. Tom.

Tom would come in at least once a month with his wife and two small blonde daughters, 4 and 6. He and his wife were mid-30’s and seemed like they were pretty happy together. She had put on a little bit of weight, probably since the kids, and had her black hair cut in the horrible mom-bob look that so many women do for ease when they have children running around who they need to devote their attention to. Her name was Nancy and she was nice. Always a big smile and kind word, I liked her, and I loved her daughters. Tom, was also fun… funny in a dry wit sort of way, he wasn’t what you’d call “fit” it’s clear he had lost the time to go to the gym, but he was still thin, and tall, over 6 feet for sure. They were a normal part of my life as a waitress, and I liked seeing them.

One night, in late march of my senior year, I had worked a weeknight shift, and clocked out at 9 the same way I always did. I left and was on my way to my car when someone called out to me.


I looked around, surprised, but expecting it to be someone from work, although it wasn’t coming from the direction of the restaurant. It was Tom, standing in the doorway of the old town theater, where the community theater performed.

“Hey?” I said as I turned from my car and walked over to him. “What are you doing?”

“Just locking up.”

“This is your place?”

“No, I am in the show that’s rehearsing right now. I had to change out of my costume after rehearsals, but they give us a set of keys so I am just locking up and heading home.”

“That’s cool. What play are you doing?”

“The mousetrap. It’s a Agatha Christie mystery.”

“Oh, cool.”

Tom nodded that it was cool, and then he gave me a look, trying to size me up. “Do you want to see the set?”

“..Sure.” I said after a second. He unlocked the door and led me inside.

Now, Tom is a bit of a flirt, he always has been and he was especially that night, taking a moment to put his hand on my back as I walked through each door he held open, and smiling and joking with me as we talked. I get it… I am a bit of a flirt too. I like to smile a wicked grin and let my big eyes let a customer toy with his imagination. It’s fun.

Tom showed me around Onwin and explained the play, and after a few minutes we were sitting on the stage, talking about life. He asked me about school and work, and we talked for probably 20 minutes, before there was a long pause, that was only filled with the two of us smiling at each other.

“I don’t know what I am thinking. I am sitting here chatting with you and you should be home with Nancy and the girls.”

Tom smiled and laughed to himself. “The girls are long in bed by now, and Nancy might as well be, but you’re right.” He stood up and so did I, but I wondered about what he said.

“What do you mean?”

“Nothing. It’s not your business.”

“I still want to know.”

He turned to me, and looked down for a second before looking back up and meeting my eyes. “We’re just different people is all.”

“I’ve seen you two together, you seem pretty in synch.”

“There are lots of ways to be different people, some aren’t always obvious, Heather.”

“For example?”

He sighed and said, “I can’t believe I’m… Nancy and I aren’t… in synch… sexually.”

“Oh.” I said.

“Yeah… it’s not her fault. It’s just, I like sex, and she feels like it’s something we do to have children and maybe once every month or so to maintain our commitment. It doesn’t make her a bad person, but I don’t think it makes me a bad person to find that frustrating. It creates this distance.”

“That’s why you’re so flirty with everyone?”

“Am I? Ha! Yeah maybe. But whatever, flirting is fun… and you’re pretty flirty too, so it’s not just me.”

“I am… it’s my job.” I said, and then after a second I smiled at him and continued, “And it’s fun. I do lots of things just for fun.”

“It is fun. And it makes me feel attractive, which Nancy doesn’t always do.”

“Oh, it works, you’re pretty attractive.”

“Well… that’s a real compliment coming from someone who should know attractive.”


He didn’t say anything for a moment, just looked me in the eye and smile, then he reached up and put his hand on my hair and leaned in and kissed me. He was not screwing around; his first kiss was full of tongue, deep and probing. It took me by surprise, but I responded with my tongue, and lips, and hands, which found their way around his waist as his other hand reached up and grasped my padded bra.

This was insane. I was in high school and this was a grown man. I knew his children, but as his hands moved down by body and grasped my thick tight ass, I committed holy to what I was doing and kissed him like he was the love of my life. My hands, already around his waist, grabbed his shirt and un-tucked it from his jeans, pulling it up his torso, he took his hands back from me, and broke our kiss, to lift his hands over his head and let me pull his shirt off.

For a second he stared at me, and I at him, like it was hitting us—this thing we were doing, and we thought “YES!” I grabbed my one shirt and started to pull it up and off as he leaned in to kiss me again, his hands helping me take the shirt up and over my head, separating only for the time it took to take the shirt off, and then back to kissing madly again. he reached behind my back and unhooked my bra clasp. Clearly the years of being married had taught him it’s tricks, because compared to boys my own age he was a master as getting a bra off.

I let the bra fall to the floor, and he looked down at my small, Onwin giriş pert little a-cup tits. my nipples were tiny and already hard in anticipation. he grabbed what there was to grab of my boobs and leaned down to suck my right nipple, as he started to walk me backwards over towards the sofa sitting on the stage, a part of the set.

He laid me down on the couch, and I instinctively spread my legs to give him room to climb in top of me. He kept a kneeling position between my legs and continued to massage, lick, and bite my small tender nipples. No one had ever paid this kind of attention to my tits before. Boys my own age were crestfallen to discover how tiny they were and became bored with them almost instantly, choosing to turn my over so they could direct their attention to my admittedly incredible edible ass. But Tom… he was obsessed with my small little tits, and I was in ecstasy… my pussy was throbbing as he lingered on my nipples. I gasped and squirmed and couldn’t help wondering what the hell was wrong with Nancy that she didn’t want this feeling in her life every minute of every day.

I found myself not looking down at Tom as he played with my tits; something about the bald spot that I could clearly see made me think about our age difference. He was 20 years my senior. More than twice my age, and he was driving me inane with his mouth on my tits, and then, his hands worked their way down to my jeans, and I felt him unbutton the top button. Now I had to look down at him, and I saw him looking up at me, smiling, as he lowered my zipper and grabbed the top of my jeans, lowering them a little, to just below my wet sopping pussy.

Tom waited for a minute, and took his hand and rubbed his finger over my pussy, still covered by my plain white panties. he grinned at me, and then grabbed both, my panties and my jeans and pulled them down, I lifted my legs straight in the air in front of Tom so that he could pull my clothes completely from my body, and as he finished working the pants off my feet, I felt him lean in and kiss the back of my knees.

When he finished pulling my pants and panties off, and I was naked except for my socks, I let my legs fall around him again.

I was laid bare before him, naked on a stage, he could see my hairy pussy, trimmed, but not shaved, and my tone belly, and tiny tits. He just enjoyed the moment and took it in. and then he stood up, and unfastened his belt, and unbuttoned his jeans. He lowered his zipped, grabbed his pants and boxers and in one pull, lowered them, to the ground.

When Tom stood I could see him. Naked. His dick was long, maybe 7 inches, thick, and uncircumcised. I had never seen a boy with an uncircumcised penis before, and although it was hard, so the effect wasn’t that jarring, it was like being brought into the world of MEN… no less surprising was his full thick, bushy pubes. I found his natural pelvic region intoxicating to stare at… but I did not get to stare for long.

In a moment, Tom was back over at the couch, climbing between my legs, with his hard uncut cock sticking out towards me, as he positioned himself so that his sex would meet mine. He smiled at me as his face came up to mine, and kissed me once, just a peck.

I raised my legs a little, to wrap them around his hips, hooking my feet in socks around his legs, just below his ass. He looked down our bodies and took his cock in his hand, lining up, I could feel him rubbing it up and down my wet pussy. It felt so good, so teasing. For a moment I had a thought. Was I really about to let this man, who’s fine and children I knew and laughed with, and teased, and cared for, was I truly going to let him fuck me in a public theater on a school night.

A moment later had my answer as Tom pressed his uncut cock against my opening, and slide it deep, deep into my aching vagina. I let out suck a moan, that I knew that this was what was meant to happen. Fuck his wife. And fuck his little girls too. I was going to fuck this man for everything that his beautiful uncut cock could give me.

And what he gave me was heaven. He fucked me with a sense of control that I had not yet known, his dick moved around inside me, touching parts of me that I had never felt, and when he was deep in me, he ground his pelvis against my clit, giving me spasms of feeling and pleasure. His mouth was all over my neck and my lips as he fucked me with increasing speed and desperation, until, suddenly, I felt my entire pussy spasm, and my legs locked tight around him. It felt like my entire body, from my tits down, began to shake violently. This man, and his uncut cock made me cum for the first time ever… and it was with a married man.

My orgasm didn’t slow his pace at all, instead it seemed to speed him up. All I found find myself making were sounds of shock, just vowels, cut short by gasps, and then I felt it. His cock pulsed and he cried out “Heather!” as his whole body tensed, and I felt his cum splash deep inside my vagina.

I was still quivering from my own orgasm as he pumped his cock lightly into me a few more times, and then collapsed onto my small teenage body. We lay there silently gasping for air for what felt like five minutes, his cock still laying in my love canal, as it softened.

When he did lift his head, and look at my face, my mouth was still wide open in ecstasy. He looked a little sad, like the moment being passed he had considered that he was laying on a stage with his dick inside his teenage waitress, who was a foot smaller and 80lbs lighter than he was. I could see from the look on his face that he knew he was the father of little girls, with his cock inside a little girl.

Tom started to say something that sounded like “I’m sorry.” but I didn’t let him get it out, instead I kissed him deeply until I could feel his mouth relax. I didn’t want him to make me think about anything other than the pure sexual bliss we had shared.

When we finished kissing, he pulled his cock out of me, and we both sat up, and went about gathering up our clothes. We dressed completely in silence, and he let me out onto the street, locking the door behind us without either of us saying a word.

I had made it back home, as I am sure he did too, before 10pm. Like it was any other night.

It was just over a month before I saw him again. At work on a Saturday night. He and his family came in as they often did, for dinner, and I severed them, and made small talk, laughed at their jokes and smiled to their faces, smiled to Nancy’s face, and never let on for even one second that I have had her husbands tick, sexy, cock inside me, and that it made me cum like no one ever had before.

I even got down on eye level to say hi to his two beautiful daughters, and never told them that at that exact moment, I had, as a result of their father’s potent sperm, their little brother or sister growing inside my womb. They wouldn’t need to know because within a month I had taken care of it. No one would need to know. And though I fucked him several times after that first time, I was always sure to bring a condom after that once.

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