A Summer Job, the Second Year Pt. 01

This is the sequel to A Summer Job: 1970s Style, where Wes was employed by the local Public Works Department doing various tasks including reading water meters. It was with one of these customers that he had wound up getting an extensive sex education to boot. Now it was his second year and he might not know it yet, but he still had much more to learn.

[Please note that there is no abusive content and that all characters, real or imagined, are over age 18.]

Here it is told in Wes’s own words.

It was the summer between my sophomore and junior years in college. The situation wasn’t much different than the previous summer, namely that I had a job doing various manual labor type tasks with the Public Works Department. My old buddy, Ken, was also back on the job and since it was our second year of doing this we weren’t treated like the newbies any more. That doesn’t mean that we were excluded from some of the lousy assignments like digging ditches, however. If you have read my previous stories you will recall that I did have several sexual encounters that were real eyeopeners. Of particular note there were days when I was assigned to read water meters and had on more than one occasion encountered a woman named Hillary who was always ready to provide yet another sexual adventure. This second year on the job was not going to prove any different.

It was a beautiful late spring day when again I took a book of accounts, a flashlight and one of the town pickup trucks to one of the neighborhoods to go door-to-door reading water meters. For the most part this is not a glamorous job because I had to knock on the door or ring the bell, announce myself as the meter reader, and once let in had to head to the basement where I’d record the numbers from the meter. And so it was, house after house.

The tedium of the day was broken when I approached Hillary’s house where I could never be certain what was going to greet me. This time was no exception.

“Meter reader!” I called immediately after knocking on the door.

A minute or so passed until the inner door opened and there stood Hillary. It was no surprise either that she was wearing only a very short, filmy flesh colored nightie where I could easily make out the dark areolas of her boobs and the patch of pubic hair that covered her pussy.

“I was wondering when the town was going to get around to reading my meter. It’s been too many months since I’ve seen you. And you are ever a sight for sore eyes!” she exclaimed.

“Hi, Hillary. It’s good escort bayan to see you, too,” I said when my eyes were drawn to what looked like an oversized tummy.

“Just don’t just stand there. Come in. We have a lot of catching up to do.”

After my experiences last year, I had no idea what she meant by that, but was pretty certain that I was soon going to find out.

“I’ve been lonely. My husband is still doing a lot of traveling and I need someone to talk to but to also entertain. Don’t let my tummy scare you. Yes, I’m pregnant and to the best of my knowledge it happened over New Years. I was drunk and at midnight we got laid without protection. The rest you can figure out.”

I did some quick calculations and figured that she was five plus months pregnant and that she was clearly showing. “You’re looking good,” I said trying to make small talk.

“I feel fine, but all the hormones are making me crazy. For one I think I’m even hornier now than before, if you can believe it. So long as we’re on the topic, you might as well help me in that department. I can’t pass up an opportunity so long as you’re here.”

“Huh? I don’t know if it is good for me to have sex with a pregnant lady,” I said thinking how guys tried to avoid even talking about knocked-up women let alone the idea of having sex with one.

“Actually, it might be easier than before. I don’t have to insert my diaphragm and you don’t need to wear a rubber either. What’s really great is that I get to enjoy you cumming inside of me with that wonderful young seed of yours. Now enough of this talk.”

At that Hillary led me to her bedroom and raised the hem of her nightie above her boobs. As sheer as the nightie was it did manage to hide some but not all of what had happened to her body since I saw it last. For one her boobs were bigger, actually a lot bigger, and more inviting at that. Second was her tummy and I wondered how I was going to be gentle enough because I did find it intimidating. Still there was something sexy about her and I immediately felt my manhood get erect.

“Now, Wes, I do want you to notice how big my boobs have gotten. I’m proud of these girls. Before I got pregnant I was a 34C but can you believe that they’re now a 38D. I can’t wait to see what they’re like in a few months when my milk comes in.”

“Neither can I!” I thought to myself just envisioning them.

Hillary was right, they were impressive and even through the nightie had been obvious even to someone like me who hadn’t had a lot altıparmak escort bayan of experience.

“Wes, how about you try suckling my boobs. That’s always a good turn-on and will assuredly lead to some other things, at least I hope so.”

I started by feeling each of her round globes and it was almost an automatic reaction that I wanted to put my mouth to one their puffy nipples and begin sucking. It was an amazing feeling and I suspect it was for Hillary, too, when she moaned saying, “Oh don’t stop. It’s like that boob is wired directly to my clit.”

As I continued to suck harder Hillary seemed to drift off into a trance. “Oh, Wes, but that’s great, but now I’m so very ready for you to just fuck me. I hope you’re ready because I certainly am.”

This was the awkward part because Hillary’s baby bump seemed to be in the way and I was probably overly cautious about it. Instinctively she seemed to understand my hesitation and rolled onto her right side lifting her left leg exposing her pussy. The bump was no longer in the way and I began by entering her trying to be as gentle as I knew how.

“Wes, I’m not going to break. Just go ahead and put it all the way in,” she begged.

I slipped further into her very moist pussy which seemed a lot looser than I remembered. Still, being warm and wet it felt wonderful and I began teasing her with some short stokes to get things started. The position was affording me the ability to get deep inside of her without the obstruction of her obvious bump.

“Mmmm,” she purred. “That feels wonderful.” At that she grabbed my butt with both hands and pulled me closer. “Deeper! You’ve got to go all the way in. So, no holding back!” she instructed.

Soon I could feel the sensation that a load of cum was not far off in Hillary’s future and instead of short strokes began to give her some long ones that went the full depth of her vagina. She was close to climaxing herself.

“Go ahead. I’m ready. Fill me. Oh, I want your cum! Please hurry!” she begged just as I let loose with my load. My penis throbbed as it delivered ever more semen with each spasm. We collapsed into each other’s arms, my penis still firmly deep inside of her.

“Hillary, that was a mazing.”

“No, Wes, you were amazing. You have no idea how much I needed such a great fucking this morning,” she said grabbing a small towel from her nightstand just when I withdrew.

“I was worried about how to do it with you being pregnant and all.”

“You nilüfer eskort did fine. Actually, it was more than fine,” she said with a giggle as she wiped my cum that had begun draining out of her pussy. “I haven’t taken that much cum in a long time, but don’t get me wrong my husband is a good lover, too, but I don’t get to have sex with him all that often because he’s always away.”

“Hillary, I’d love to stay longer, but I’m worried that my supervisor will drive through the neighborhood and begin to wonder where I am. I have to get going so I don’t get myself into trouble.”

“Aw, Wes, that’s too bad. I was just hoping that I could persuade you to fuck me again before you had to go. Besides I never gave you a chance to tell me how things went at school this past year. I’d like to hear about your love life and how I hope you are keeping those college girls satisfied.” Hillary was clearly begging and I decided to stay, even if it was for just a few minutes.

“OK, Hillary. Now that you put it that way. I’ll stay but we only have time for a quickie.”

Hillary smiled and said, “Great! I’ll take whatever I can get.” At that she got up off the bed, turned around, bent over and put her hands on the mattress. I took one look at the glistening pussy showing through her pubic hair and immediately got hard again. Moments later I had thrust my member back into her vagina that only a few minutes prior had been willingly receiving my first load.

This second time, Hillary was even looser than before but that didn’t stop me from some aggressive thrusting. The entry from the back was a great option because I got to reach around and fondle Hillary’s wonderful boobs. She seemed to enjoy my pinching her nipples at the same time that I gave her that second fucking of the morning. Being true to my word, this was going to be a quickie, however.

It wasn’t long after that that I deposited more cum into her. It might not have been the masterful performance that was the first one, but Hillary still loved having my cum again fill her vagina. “See, Wes, that might have been a quickie but it was good for me and I hope it was good for you, too.”

“It was and I’m glad you talked me into staying just a couple more minutes,” I replied, but now I was spent and was certain that my balls were probably empty so I pulled out. I would have to go this time, however, lest my supervisor discover my whereabouts and before Hillary would probably want yet a third fucking.

As I walked up the street attending to my appointed rounds, I began to wonder how many horny women like Hillary lived in these neighborhoods just waiting for the right opportunity to come knocking on their door some summer morning. “Only time will tell,” I said to myself as I pushed the next doorbell button and announced “meter reader.”

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