A Night Outside Ch. 05



Trying to overcome her embarrassment at being caught masturbating in the locker-room by the daughter of the proprietor of Verdant Mountain Vistas, Samantha had elected to go for a run. Verdant Mountain Vistas was a nude recreation center about fifteen minutes out of town. Samantha had been recommended the center by her cousin Ethan, a fellow nudist. The run was supposed to be an experiment to see if she was capable of running without a sports bra. Before she could test her ability to jog clothes-free, she ran into someone when she looked down to get her phone’s Bluetooth connection working.

“Sorry…” She instinctively said. A man’s voice simultaneously made the same apology. It sounded familiar. Samantha looked up after she fumbled with her phone momentarily to keep it from crashing to the ground. In front of her stood a man she had seen in the nude before, though he did not know that.

The man stood about three inches taller than her. A quick smile lifted the corner of his mouth, although an embarrassed blush brightened his tanned skin. She could feel a similar reaction making her face feel hot. Mirrored sunglasses hid his eyes from her, but she had to assume he was getting a good look at her as her eyes moved down his body. He was lean, but not skinny, skin glistening with either sweat or water. His chest was well defined, with the only body hair on it being a couple of wisps springing from the border of his small pink nipples. While he did not have a six-pack there was a hint of where they hid on his flat stomach.

Her eyes passed over his crotch to gaze at his muscular legs. Light-colored leg hair covered his legs, making her wonder, maybe the long view at night had been wrong maybe his pubic hair was just light and not missing. Before looking for a confirmation, she took in the hint of his very appealing calves, leading to a pair of dark color running shoes. The running shoes were the only thing he was wearing the first time that she had seen him. She needed to be sure that here vivid fantasy had some basis in the real form that she saw.

Samantha brought her vision back to his abs before allowing it to fall slowly. Smooth, tanned skin, tinted almost imperceptibly as she reached his waistline. His crotch was indeed hairless, testicles were tight against his body even in the heat. It looked smooth she couldn’t help a small desire to reach out a feel it. It was not quite the flawless expanse of skin she imagined when she fantasized. The imperfections, like the brown birthmark on the shaved skin that made him somehow more real. She thought he must have the perfect body type for her, but she really did need to get a good look at what she remembered to be a great ass to confirm her hypothesis. He only sported the faintest of tan lines on the body. It did not appear to be his first trip to VMV. His circumcised penis was unimpressive in its relaxed state, however, she had seen what it looked like fully erect. She wanted to see that again. A drop of clear fluid appeared on his dick as her gaze fell upon it.

A feeling of embarrassment returned to Samantha’s consciousness. A sudden awareness of her lack of clothing in front of an attractive and interested individual. She was not going to allow herself to reveal the apprehension. Be Confident like this isn’t your first visit. Instead of placing her arms in front of her and shading her nakedness from his gaze, she put her arms behind her and stood tall and stretched just slightly.

A small smile crept across her lips, “Derek?”

There was a pause for several heartbeats, Derek looked to be a little in shock. “Sa… Samantha? So, uh, I am naked.”

He sounded even more surprised than she felt. “I noticed. So am I.” She replied with a broadening smile and a wink. Samantha couldn’t resist a little bit of a bounce as he was looking at her. She was rewarded as the drop of clear fluid cascaded from his cock, as it appeared to twitch and started growing in size. Oh this could be fun


Having taken a swim in a cool creek after a run down the six-mile loop, Derek was still drip-drying in the warm afternoon sun. Today he had forgone his usual practice of sneaking into the woods and jacking off to relieve the pressure and reward himself for a good run. His phone shook with a chime declaring it had received an important work email. He turned his attention to his phone and off the path in front of him. Finally an important update from the manufacturers. It was a little late, but the numbers looked good.

His phone nearly fell from his hand as he bumped into someone on the path. “Sorry…” he automatically blurted out as he reached out to catch his phone. That voice sounds so familiar Derek looked up to confirm the voice and make sure the other party was similarly only embarrassed by the run-in.

What he saw striped his ability to speak coherently. A tall, lean, toned, strawberry-blonde. In spite of the mirrored sunglasses, he could tell gaziantep sahibe escort her eyes were traveling up and down his body. He decided it would be rude to not reciprocate the motion. Her shoulder-length hair was pulled into a tight ponytail. Pink sunglasses with mirrored blue lenses blocked her eyes from view. Pink lips curled in a little bit of a smirk. Her lovely face was either free of makeup, or she had a light touch that gave it the appearance of such. A couple of freckles on the bridge of her nose argued the former.

What appeared to be a flustered blush extended from her cheeks to her upper chest. There he could easily see the shape of the absence of a quite lovely bikini top. Light-colored skin in a thin strip coming from her shapely neck, slowly widening into teardrop shapes over her ample and very perky breasts. Pink nipples standing proud at there perfect peaks. He would have loved to allow his gaze to linger, but dared not at the moment. His eyes traveled down a familiar flat tummy that he had seen in his fantasies for the past month. Tracing out to her hips, past the narrow strip of light skin where her bikini bottoms must have spent some serious time this summer. Down her thighs, he savored the moment, long legs capped by the brightest hot pink set of running shoes he had ever seen. It almost felt somehow indecent as he brought vision back up the intersection of those long legs.

Derek’s brain felt like it had touched a live wire, as he had done a few too many times in his circuitry labs in college. It felt like his brain was trying to burn the vision before him into long term memory. Where the pale skin wrapping from either hip came together, was the most beautiful, smooth, hairless pussy he had ever seen. Her clitoral hood just peeking out at the top of a velvety looking labia. His mind lost the ability to not stare and form coherent words when she stretched and canted her hips forward. The move exposing a glimpse at the pink and glistening interior. His fugue was pierced by a voice. “Derek?”

Quickly, but trying not to be too obvious and likely failing miserably, Derek brought his eyes up to meet hers. He could feel his own anatomy stirring back to life. His penis felt like it was drooling a steady stream of precum. He tried to start working out signal loss equations in his mind, distracting himself from the goddess before him. Anything he could think of to keep himself She’s real and in front of you, Don’t fuck this up. “Sa…” Well, that’s not a great start. “Samantha? So, uh, I’m naked.” not a great follow up either.

For Samantha’s part she seemed to take the comment in stride, seemingly completely confident in the unexpected situation. “I noticed.” She replied with a wink he could see in spite of the mirrored glasses. “So am I.” Oh shit, did she just bounce? Derek was suddenly keenly aware that he was completely nude, and the trail-head was in full view of the large, and very occupied swimming pool. If he were to allow his cock to do the thinking at this moment, he may have to refrain from coming to VMV for awhile.

Come on think of a follow-up. “Well crap, I usually like to compliment what a lady is wearing, but you aren’t. So… Nice shoes?” What was that?

Samantha’s face contorted into a fake pout, at least Derek hoped it was fake. “Ah, are you saying you don’t like my outfit?” Derek watched as Samantha looked herself up and down, lifting her foot to inspect the only things she was wearing. His eyes couldn’t help be drawn back to her beautiful sex. Her pose was giving him an even more spectacular of her hairless vagina. Samantha put her foot back down and twirled in place, revealing a pert and toned booty. Tan lines accentuated her lithe form gorgeously.

“No…” Derek Stumbled on his words again, this time hypnotized by her motions. “No it looks fantastic on you. I especially like the contrasting colors, highlighting your… Uh, features.” He glanced down at himself to see his penis was standing out from him, the foreskin was pulling back from the head of his dick.

“Well Thank you. It doesn’t give me away as being new around here?” This time Samantha specifically pointed at the tan lines on her hips. “Your outfit doesn’t look bad on you either.” That did nothing to assuage his growing excitement.

“It does make you stand out around here. This your first visit to VMV?”

“Yeah, this is actually my first time doing this whole naked thing in public.”

“Wow, well you look pretty confident out here. What are you getting up to now?”

“I was about to try going for a run, I am a little worried about the lack of a sports bra.” This time she pointed her chest.

“I clearly don’t have the same equipment,” Derek pointed to his own chest. “But other parts of parts of me took a beating when I started running out here.” He did not dare point out his testicles, as he did not want to highlight his steadily şahinbey escort elongating penis.

“You mean your balls?” He watched her head tilt down towards his crotch as she asked. “Oh… Oh… wow… umm?” Talking had not helped the situation at all, he was sporting a complete erection. Derek moved his hands in front of him like a teenager trying to cover up a boner in school. The tilt of her head lingered for a moment before tilting back up to look him in the face. A second blush, this time a deeper shade of red crossed her countenance. From the heat radiating from his skin he felt that his mask of embarrassment may be even more pronounced. “So, what are you up to here?”

As embarrassed as he was, there was nothing that could be done about it now. “I was going to ask if you would like to have a quick tour around the facilities, but now I think I am going to jump into one of the hot springs and drown my embarrassment away.”

Derek observed Samantha look behind her briefly before turning her attention towards him again. “No, not the first time I have gotten a standing ovation from a guy.” A smile poking through the cringed expression. “It’s kinda flattering, but I can’t help but notice that you appear to be on full display for the pool. How do they feel about dudes getting erections here?”

Turning away a little and facing down the trail instead of the pool, Derek replied, “I don’t know, it hasn’t come up before.”

“Heh, I guess it has now.”

“Yeah, yeah. I am not sure, but I know I don’t want to be out here in view of the pool. I am going to go for a walk and try to get this thing under control.” Derek’s heart was pounding in his chest, he didn’t think that he would ever get over the embarrassment. Already his thoughts were admonishing him for ruining his chance to talk to Samantha.

Samantha’s response absolutely floored him. “Listen, uhh… would you mind if I join you? I wouldn’t mind someone showing me around and… pointing out the interesting sights.”

Quickly his attitude flipped, but still Derek was hesitant. “Look, I would love to show you around, but I am not sure that will have the desired effect. I think certain parts of my anatomy may be doing the pointing.”

“I’ll give you one lap to get under control. Besides it’s not like I haven’t seen it before… er…” Derek could not help but notice her stumbling over her words. When he glanced back over his shoulder, Samantha was covering her face and shaking her head. “That is an erect cock, I am a grown-ass woman… Yours is nice by the way… Penis!”


Holy crap you just about gave that away A month before she had witnessed Derek masturbating in his own back yard, unbeknownst to him. Samantha could not help but shake her head in disgust with her slip. The word soup she blurted out afterward certainly did not help. When she finally peeked through her hands, she saw Derek look back with a bemused look on his face.

“Uh… okay then.” Inwardly she breathed a sigh of relief, he was letting her off the hook and not pulling on the thread. “So I gotta ask, since this is your first trip, what do you think about VMV?”

Samantha allowed Derek’s gate to take him out just in front of her own, not due to larger steps, but so she could take in a view of his excellent ass. She could vividly see herself in her imagination, grasped in his arms and pushed up against a wall. Her legs would be spread wide around his waist as that ass flexed with every thrust. If Derek knew that it was taking all her will power not to reach out a caress that ass. What she really thought is that she wanted to grab his dick and pull him into the woods to have her way with him.

Honestly, Samantha was at least as horny as Derek’s cock appeared to be. It had been five months since Samantha had a penis buried deep inside her vagina. She was so on edge that she could practically feel the fullness of a cock plunging into her wet pussy. Envisioning herself screaming in orgasm in the hot sun, was making her drip much like Derek’s penis was. It certainly did not help the situation that she had been so close to an orgasm when Annabelle walked in on her masturbating in the locker room. Of course she felt that she was also glad that she was better at hiding her excitement than Derek was, it gave her an advantage on this walk.

She shook the daydreaming out of her mind. “It has been rather intriguing. I don’ know if I am comfortable yet, but maybe I’ll give it a chance. All these naked people seem to walk around like it is not a big deal. ” She stepped back into stride with Derek, hoping he could not see her staring at his cock bobbing and swaying on each step. When Derek glanced over Samantha quickly Moved her eyes back up to his face. “Well at least it seems like not a big deal for most people.”

“Yeah, sorry about this, sometimes guys just don’t have much control over our boners.”

Samantha stopped şahinbey escort bayan and looked around, still able to see the pool behind them before they disappeared around a bend and into the woods. “Huh, it seems like you’re the only one having this issue.” She decided to tease Derek a little more.

“Well those guys have the advantage of not standing next to you,” Derek replied, similarly stopping and turning back toward her. Her eyes were immediately drawn to his dick as its red head pulsed out a long strand of clear fluid as if the punctuate the statement.

It was her turn to blush at the comment. “You are not so bad looking yourself.” She said with a wink. Samantha, changed her stance so that one leg was a little in front of the other, hoping to block his view of her vagina. She did not want him to see his effect on her. Although she had not looked, she could tell her swelling outer labia would be giving him a view of her inner lips, her clitoris felt like it was beckoning her to give it some attention. She would not, however, be attempting to block her nipples as they strained into sharp peaks. “Well this conversion doesn’t seem to be helping you out yet. So, let’s change the subject. How’s work going?”

Turning to walk down the trail again, he replied. “Pretty darn good actually, the project I was working on is moving forward. And I got a promotion to manage the build-out and hopeful production.”

“That sounds very exciting, is this the 5g project your firm was working on?” Samantha waited a brief moment before catching up with Derek. She let her right-hand slide up from her mid-thigh, grazing her slit and feeling the slickness that confirmed that she was as physically turned on as she felt.

“Yeah, yeah it is. And we are working with a manufacturer up north to get a prototype built. I think they are going to overnight it to us on Monday.”

“Wow, you guys are moving fast, didn’t think you had it solved last time we talked.”

“It was actually that day that I solved the last issue we were having.”

“A month to a working prototype? Maybe it’s just being so used to aerospace, but that’s incredible.”

“We have a great simulation and testing team at the firm. It took us a week to run all the simulations and fix a few bugs. Another week went to finding a rapid prototype manufacturer and getting everything going with them. They didn’t have all the raw materials, so they are actually running a little behind. They were supposed to get us the test sample yesterday. I am supposed to be pacing nervously while tests are run. That’s kinda why I ran into you, I just got a notice that they were packing up and sending the prototype and I walked into you reading the email.”

“Well, that’s a lucky break for you. You would have missed out taking a walk in the woods with me.” Samantha looked to Derek with a silly smile.

“Don’t get me wrong, I am counting that as a blessing and a very fortunate turn of events. However, I would have saved myself some embarrassment.”

“Oh, no a guy popped a boner in front of me. How will I ever survive having to see an erect penis.” Samantha shot back trying to keep the sarcasm evident.

“So this isn’t that big of a deal?” Derek stated point at his cock. Samantha used that as an excuse to give it another look, it had started to droop a little, talking about something else seemed to be having the desired effect.

“Oh, it’s a big deal that I am going to mercilessly ridicule you about for a while.” She looked back up with a large smile. Her eyes took a quick glance back down, the droop was gone again. “Uh oh, looks like someone is getting angry again. He must know we are talking about him.”

“Dammit, just when he was starting to relax.”

Samantha was kind of enjoying this game of seeing how quickly she could get him to react, but it did seem like it was causing him some discomfort. “So, you got a promotion as well?” Hoping that a subject change would allow Derek’s anatomy to go back to normal.

“Yeah, it’s great, but it is a real step up in responsibility. On the plus side the stress has caused me to exercise a lot more. I should be able to win if we ever get a rematch.” He had a large smile plastered on his face. “But that’s enough about me, what about you? Last time we talked you were only here for the summer internship. Has that changed?”

“Yeah it actually has, I got a job offer from my internship. It was a huge step up from where I was working. It is also a huge step up in stress and responsibility.” Derek nodded in agreement beside her. “And, I still have to finish my MBA courses this fall. Needless to say this is going to be a very busy fall.” She grinned back at him again before adding. “And I would not be confident about winning a race against me, I have been preparing for a 10k that I am running tomorrow.”

“Well, I would challenge you to a lap right now, but running with an erection is not recommended.”

“You say that as if you have experience with that.”

“Might have happened a time or two on the treadmill at home. ” Derek looked back at her with a bit of a blush. “I am guessing by the fact that you are still in town that decided to take the offer? You found a place to live? It seemed like you were not a fan of the apartment you had leased this summer.”

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