A Night Out


I was sitting alone at a table when you came walking in with cat like movements. Your dress clings to your every curve. You walk to the bar and order yourself a drink. When you turn around, I see the flash in your eyes and the way that you carry yourself. It speaks volumes about you. You are a sophisticated woman who knows exactly what she wants. You are sure of yourself. The air around you is charged as everyone parts as you walk through the club. The men can’t take their eyes off of your stunning body and your electric eyes. A number of the women in the club are amazed at your strength and beauty.

You find a seat at a table and survey your surroundings. Your legs are hard and show the time well spent in the gym. Cut from stone, as if they were carved by a master craftsman. You finish your drink and order another from a passing waitress. I watch from across the room as you reject one man after another. I wonder what your game is. You seem so in control.

I order another drink and walk over to you. You look up and smile with the look in your eyes that says you have lined up another target for your pleasure. I say nothing. I reach down and take your hand and lift you up. You begin to protest. I just look at you with eskort bursa piercing eyes and you close your mouth. I lead you onto the dance floor. The beat courses through our bodies as we move to the beat of the music. You begin to laugh and relax. It is hard to hear over the sound of the music coming from the large speakers so close to us.

After a few songs we move closer to each other. We are hot under the burning lights over the dance floor. I pull you closer and we grind into each other with the beat. Your nipples begin to get hard under your tight dress. The look on your face has turned to a look of hunger. I squeeze your ass in my hands as you wrap your arms around my neck. My thickness pushes into you as I feel your heat on my thigh. We dance and tease each other for a few more songs. A strong hunger hangs in the air. Your hair sticks to your face, framing your flaming eyes. I kiss you hard and deep and you answer back with a strong squeeze of my ass. Our tongues dueling for the advantage, trying to make the other submit to defeat, but neither yields.

I take your hand and lead you out the door to the parking lot. The cold night air causes your nipples to get harder. We race to your car, kissing and stroking bursa yabancı escort the other along. I take you in my arms and kiss you deeply as I reach under your short dress to your ass. I am greeted by your bear ass. You wrap your leg around me as we lean up against your car. I rub your thigh and ass. I feel your juice running down your thigh. You step back, grabbing at my shirt, pulling it up over my head. You get it off and I turn to open the door. You slide in after me and close the door. Our heat quickly fogs over the windows. You lay your seat down and lay back. I kiss you deeply as you reach for my belt and undo the buttons on my jeans. I rub your tits in my hand and roll your hard nipples in my fingers.

You moan deeply. Our lust fuels us onwards. I pull your tits from your dress and take a nipple into my mouth, gently biting it as you pull my head closer to you. Your breathing is fast and deep. I raise your dress up and rub your wet pussy with my fingers and slide them into your depths. You arch your back as they work their way in and out. I rub your clit with my thumb and you start to thrash. I remove them and lean over to part your lips with my tongue as you put a bursa merkez escort leg up on the dash. You are so sweet. So wet. So full of desire. Your hips buck to meet my tongue. You moan louder as your orgasm builds. You push my face harder to your pussy. I make slow, tight circles around your clit. Long, slow licks drink your juices. The dam within you is at its breaking point. A scream pierces the night. Your juices fill my hungry mouth. Your nectar is so sweet.

I sit up and let you rest long enough for me to get my pants off. I turn you over in the seat and enter you from behind as I cup your tits in my hands. You are so wet. Your pussy still spasms from your intense orgasm around my hard cock. I feel your tight muscles gripping me as I slide deeper inside. You push back against me hard. You reach under us and rub my balls as I slide in and out. Then you rub your clit, bringing you closer to your next orgasm. We slam into each other as I grab your hips. Harder and faster. Your pussy is milking me with every stroke. I feel the burn increase deep inside me as we moan louder. Our animals charging the fence to escape. Finally we can hold back no more. Our heads thrown back as we slam into each other. Our minds warp with the intense orgasm. The feeling of your pussy gripping me in it’s vice as I pump streams of hot cum deep into your depths is overwhelming. We collapse in a heap, trying to catch our breath. You raise your head to me and our lips meet. Softly and tenderly you kiss me. The animal has been tamed.

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