A Lucky Flat Tire Pt. 04


Ellen, Jennifer, and Dan settled in together. Dan rarely stayed at his dorm room. And they learned more about each other. That Jennifer was an only child and Dan’s mother was widowed, his father pasted away three years back. And he had an older sister finishing her last year at college. It explained his family’s tight budget.

The situation pleased everyone. There was no shortage of lovemaking to be had.

One Friday Ellen came home late from work to find the other two necking and groping on the sofa.

“Well, look at you two.”

The got up and each gave her a passionate, welcoming kiss. “We’ve been waiting for you.”

“I can see that. I hope there’s something to eat, I’m starved.”

“Yes, I whipped up something.” Jennifer replied.

The three headed to the kitchen and ate. As they cleaned up Ellen turned to see Dan standing in front of her.

“I remember that first night I had dinner here.” He said, then gave her a long deep kiss.

“How could I forget that moment.” She replied and wrapping her arms around him kissed him again.

“Umm, guys?” Jennifer said.

“Well, come here!” Ellen called, offering her hand. Ellen pulled her in and now all three were sharing lips and tongues.

“What should we do tonight?” Ellen asked, with a wry smile.

“I think we should go to bed early.” Jennifer responded, giving Ellen’s ass a squeeze. Dan’s smiled in concurrence.

They headed to the bedroom and undressed each other. Now standing naked together, Dan wrapped his arms around Jennifer and kissed her, driving his tongue deep in her mouth. Jennifer turned to Ellen and did the same and Dan hugged both.

“Come,” Ellen said. “I want to watch you two make love first.”

Jennifer laid down and Dan moved beside her. He kissed her as his hands caressed her body. Ellen lay beside them. She never tired of watching her two lovers make love. Dan now worked down, kissing Jennifer’s neck them each nipple. He sucked on each with leisure. Dan moved between her legs and paused to admire her petite body; her long hair draped over the pillow. Dan crouched, and lifting her left, kissing her inner thigh. He kissed his way to his goal. Jennifer’s breath was quivering in anticipation and gasped as his tongue pressed into her pussy.

As Dan’s tongue worked her clit, Ellen moved closer to Jennifer. Caressing her shoulder she said. “Look at him eating you out, Jen, so hot!”

She looked down to see his eyes looking back as his tongue work up her passion. The intensity of his eyes on her as his tongue lavished attention on her clit soon had her body writhing as she moaned in pleasure. Dan pressed a thumb into her wet pussy, putting her on the edge. Ellen sucked on her nipple.

Jennifer arched her back as the orgasm hit her. “Oh fuck! Ah… Ah… Oh…” She pulled at Dan’s head as wave after wave hit her, her body convulsing.

Ellen loved watching her cum and kissed her as she came down, driving her tongue deep. Jennifer responded in kind.

“Now fuck her Dan. Put that cock inside her.”

He pulled up; his cock pressing at her entrance. They looked at each other, eyes full of desire. He pressed in and groaned as his shaft drove all the way in.

“Oh, Dan!” she moaned.

Ellen put a hand on his butt as he began thrusting in and out. “That’s it, Dan. Fuck her. You two are so hot when you fuck like this.” Ellen liked to watch them, tease them, “Jen, do you want him to cum inside you? You want his cum deep in your pussy?”

“Oh God, yes! Give me it!”

Dan pounded harder. Her begging for his cum was always too much. “Jen! Yes! Ah… Ah!” He pressed in and held it as he released the first blast of cum.

Ellen felt him cum. It made her so hot. To see this two, her lovers, consummating. “That’s it Dan, cum inside her!”

Now Jennifer, her lover pumping his sperm into her, went over the edge and came again. “Dan! Oh fuck! Oh… Oh…”

Ellen kissed his back as he emptied his seed into her. His thrusting subsided, he kissed Jennifer, then Ellen.

“I never get tired of watching you to make love. I think as much as having you make love to me.” Ellen said. “Roll off her. I want that cock.”

A he did she quickly grabbed his softening shaft and licked the cum from both of them off before sucking on it.

“Oh, El!” was all he could say.

Jennifer regained her senses and saw Ellen sucking his cock. She moved closer, offering him a tit. Ellen continued on his swelling cock.

When he was hard, she lay on her back and told Dan, “Put it inside me! Jen, sit on my face. I want that pussy.”

Jennifer straddled her, facing Dan as he put a pillow under her hips. He lifted her legs as his rod found her womanhood and drove it in. Ellen’s moan was muffled by Jennifer’s dripping pussy covered her mouth. She drove her tongue in deep and could taste his cum, still inside Jennifer. Jennifer leaned into Dan, and they mingled lips and tongues. Now pussies, a cock, and tongues were fully occupied, everyone moaning in pleasure. Dan pumped his cock hard as Jennifer’s fingers escort gaziantep evi olan bayan found Ellen’s clit. Ellen’s moaning grew louder as the others could feel her body tensing.

Jennifer worked her clit with fury as Dan pounded her soaking pussy hard. “Mph… Mph…” was all they could hear as Ellen came. As she came down, Ellen did her best to pleasure Jennifer.

Dan could see that she was close. “Don’t stop El! She so hot. That’s it, make her cum!”

Ellen worked her clit as Jennifer came yet again. She jerked her pussy against Ellen’s mouth as the wave of ecstasy came over her. Dan held her as the orgasm passed over her.

Now spent, she laid next to them.

Dan pulled his still hard shaft out and laid on his back. “Ride me, El!”

Ellen straddled his hips. Jennifer, her head on his chest for a better view, grabbed his cock and guided it in as Ellen lowered onto it. “Oh, I love having you inside me.”

Jennifer knelt next to her and began kissing her neck while fondling a breast. Dan reached for the other. With both her lovers tending her, Ellen was in rapture. After a few minutes of this Dan sat up to suck on a tit. Jennifer moved behind him as a backrest. She knew how much he loved to suck on breasts, and now he could, easily.

Dan put his hands on Ellen’s hips as she began riding him hard. He was close now and both women knew it.

“Cum inside her, Dan!”

“Dan! Yes! Give me it!”

“Cum inside her! Give her your seed!” Jennifer exclaimed.

“Oh El! Oh… Ahh!” He called as the first wave of sperm entered Ellen’s womb, driving his shaft deep. He pumped and pumped more seed into her and now Ellen came, feeling his seed entering her.

“Oh yes! Dan…” she moaned as her body shuddered.

Now it was Jennifer’s turn to watch her lovers climax together. Their orgasms over Ellen fell on him then, touching his face, kissed him.

“You two are so hot together.” Jennifer declared.

The women now lay on either side of Dan, all satisfied for the moment. The women looked at each other and kissed over Dan. Then the each kissed him before snuggling up to him. They lay their heads on his shoulders, looking at each other knowingly.

They stayed this way a half hour, enjoying feeling each other. Jennifer started first by running a finger over his soft cock. She stroked it gently and could feel the blood returning. She slid down and licked its length before taking it into her mouth. Ellen looked at him, his eyes closed, just feeling the attention his cock was getting. She watched Jennifer as her head bobbed up and down on his hardening manhood.

“He has stamina, doesn’t he, Jen?”

“Mmm…” was the answer.

When he was hard again, Jennifer positioned her eager pussy over it and lowered herself on it. Ellen watched a few minutes as she rode his shaft. She kissed Dan a while then knelt next to Jennifer to help her along. They kissed, then Ellen nibbled on her neck as fingers found Jennifer’s clit.

Jennifer rode faster as Dan’s fingers pinched her nipples while Ellen worked her clit.

“That’s it. I want to see you cum again!” Ellen said.

She pressed Ellen’s fingers to her clit as the orgasm hit her. Ellen held her as her body spasmed in pleasure.

When she came down, she looked at Ellen, “Your turn.”

She got off and Ellen now lowered herself on his hard shaft. The scene was repeated. Jennifer worked her clit as he played with her tits while she rode his cock. Then another crushing orgasm.

Dan was still hard. The women now went to work on it. At one sucked the head of his cock the other licked his shaft and balls. They switched off from time to time until he couldn’t take any more. Jennifer got the honors as the blast of cum filled her mouth. More came and she swallowed it all and Ellen watched. When he was done the women shared a deep kiss then move up beside him.

“I’m the luckiest guy in the world.” He said as he held them.

“I think we’re all lucky.” Jennifer replied.

They lay there some time before each in turn got up to get ready for bed. They fell asleep with Jennifer in the middle.


That morning Ellen woke first. She looked at the other two, still asleep. She quietly got up and headed to the bathroom. When she came back, she looked at them, still asleep. She stopped to admire the two of them. Two beautiful, young, passionate people. Her lovers. In HER bed. After a month it still amazed her. Despite all the love making the night before, lust was filling her.

She decided to start with Jennifer. She pulled the covers back. And without fanfare, spread Jennifer’s legs and began licking her pussy.

Jennifer stirred. “Good morning.”

“Good morning.” She replied before driving her tongue into Jennifer’s slit.

Now Dan awoke to the scene. He moved to Jennifer and kissed her. “Jen. Wow!”

He continued to watch as his cock grew. Jennifer was aroused now. And Ellen’s pose was too tempting. He got escort gaziantep fetiş bayan up and moved behind her. He rubbed her slit and found it was already wet. With that he moved into position and slowly pressed his shaft home.

“Oh Dan!” Ellen moaned.

Jennifer looked to see Dan behind her and beginning to pump his cock inside Ellen. Ellen was enthralled. Eating one lover as the other fucked her. Dan reached for her clit and Ellen moaned some more. Jennifer was now fully aroused by the scene before her and the treatment her pussy was getting.

“Oh fuck! El, yes! There! Oh… Yes… Oh, Ah!” She screamed as her orgasm hit.

Now Dan started, as he watched Jennifer get off on Ellen’s mouth. “Ellen! Fuck!”

Ellen could feel him cumming and, with both her lovers cumming, went over the edge too. All three share a mutual orgasm.

They came down and the others now lay besides Jennifer. They looked at each other and laughed.

“Damn Elly, after last night you wanted more?” Jennifer asked.

“I just looked at you two and… What you two do to me!”

“Lucky for us.” Dan replied.

“Yes. A horny old woman.” Ellen said.

“Not old.” He replied. “Sensual.” And kissed her. Followed by Jennifer.

A leisurely Saturday was before them. The weather was rainy. So they hung around, papers to be written, books to be read.


On Sunday Dan wanted to watch some games. Jennifer had a book to read and retreated to the loveseat. Ellen snuggled with Dan on the sofa, more for the snuggle than the game. With time Dan’s hands began to wander. Ellen was braless in a sweatshirt and Dan began caressing her tits.

“I think I know what you’d really like.” Ellen said.

“What would I like?”

Ellen put her top of, exposing her breasts then positioned Dan’s head in her lap. “I think you want to suck on these.” With that she pulled his head to a breast, and he latched on. He continued sucking on one, then the other as Ellen caressed his head, just watching him.

Jennifer looked up from her book, “That looks interesting.”

“Feels lovely.” Ellen replied dreamily. “Nothing like having your breasts made love to like this.”

Dan just continued to kiss and suck on her tits. Jennifer continued to watch the lovemaking, transfixed.

Jennifer wanted a better view and sat next to her. She gave Ellen a kiss, then, “Sure looks good and he does love your tits.”

Ellen just looked at him and smiled. “Feels so good.”

Jennifer just watched for some time this gentle lovemaking.

“I’d like to try that sometime.” Jennifer commented.

“As the sucker or suckee?”

“Mmm, both.”

Dan was just absorbed in making love to Ellen’s tits. And the two women watched just him.

“I don’t think I could get tired of having my tits made love to.” Ellen said as she held his head to a breast.

After some time, Jennifer commented, “look at that bulge in his pants. He’s clearly enjoying it.”

Ellen just smiled at her. Jennifer couldn’t resist. She moved to him and undid his pants, releasing his swollen cock. “He loves sucking on your tits and I love sucking on this.” She licked it a few times then took its length into her mouth. Dan moaned at the sensation. Jennifer worked him. With all that arousal, she knew it wouldn’t take much.

“I think she wants your cum, Dan. Are you going to give it to her?”

Dan continued to suck on her tits as Jennifer was bobbing up and down on his shaft. He couldn’t hold back any longer.

“Mph! Mph!” he exclaimed thrusting his hips, mouth still attached to her nipple, as the first globs of cum landed in Jennifer’s mouth.

“Mmm…” Jennifer responded.

Ellen just watched dreamily as Dan came in Jennifer’s mouth, stroking his hair in encouragement.

“I love watching you cum.” Ellen reflected as his orgasm ended. She pulled him up for a deep, passionate kiss. Then just looked him in the eyes. Jennifer, his cock finished filling her mouth, kissed and licked it.

Dan looked at Ellen, “Jen wants her tit made love to. Try it, Ellen.”

The three changed position. Jennifer pulled her top off as Ellen laid her head in her lap.

“Suck on my tits.” She said as she brought Ellen’s head to her breasts.

Ellen began sucking on her small, pert breasts as Dan sat next to Jennifer, enjoying the scene.

“Hot, isn’t it Ellen?” He asked.

“Mmm…” She replied.

Jennifer just looked on, smiling as her tits were given so much attention. Dan put his arm around Jennifer as they both watched Ellen getting into the moment. Jennifer closed her eyes as her tits were made love to. After watching a while Dan decided Ellen needed more attention. He got up and removed her pants. As he expected, she was wet from the action. He began licking her clit.

“Mmm…” Ellen said, still sucking on a tit.

“Oh, Elly! Enjoying it all?” Jennifer asked.

Ellen had been aroused for some time now and Dan’s attention quickly brought her to bayan escort gaziantep climax.

“Mmm… Oh God! Fuckkk…” She called. Jennifer held her tight, enjoying the feeling as the waves of orgasm passed over her.

They kissed, then Ellen said, “Your turn.”

They all changed position. Jennifer put her head on Dan’s lap as Ellen buried her head in her petite lover’s snatch. It wasn’t long before she came as Dan stroked her head.

When it was over Ellen moved up on top of Jennifer and gave her a gentle kiss. “So many ways to make love to my lovers.”

“I can’t believe I have both of you.” Dan added. “Two gorgeous women to make love to.”

“And you’re both as horny as I am.” Jennifer finished. “I think we’re all lucky.”

Ellen gave her another kiss, then kissed Dan. They stayed in this position some time, enjoying the closeness of each other’s bodies. Dan saw the game on TV was over and had no idea of the outcome.


Thanksgiving was coming. Dan’s mother was going to her parents. He was relieved. He didn’t want her to be alone yet wanted to be here with Ellen. He assured her he was happy staying and had plans. But Jennifer was driving to her home for the holiday.

Ellen and Dan gave her a kiss at the door as she headed out.

“Don’t wear him out while I’m gone.”

“I don’t think that’s possible.” Ellen laughed.

That night Ellen and Dan went to bed. It was the first time in a while that it was just the two of them. They moved to the missionary position. Dan slowly pumped his shaft in and out. Ellen was in bliss. She avoided using the word ‘love.’ But she was in love with him. This beautiful 19-year-old, her lover. She loved having him on top of her and inside her.

But passion couldn’t be held back, and he came, flooding her womb with his sperm. And she came too, as the feeling of his seed filling her often did. He kissed her in that moment of post orgasm bliss.

He began to roll off of her, but she held him. “No! Just stay there. I want to keep you inside me.”

He did. They kissed some more until he was rock hard again and began thrusting into her. She knew his endurance after his first orgasm and was ready to enjoy it. Her passion for him, his cock buried deep inside her, drove her to another climax. Yet he continued for some time until his ardor overcame him.

“Oh Ellen! Fuck! Agh…” he called as her unleashed his next load inside her.

“Oh yes. Cum inside me. Give me you baby. I wish I could have you baby. Oh.. Oh! Ah…”

Her orgasm and her talk drove his climax higher as he emptied himself it her. They came down and looked at each other, reflecting in their shared passion.


On Thanksgiving, Ellen cooked for them both. She had gotten a small turkey. Dan helped as best he could, learning his way around a kitchen.

Friday evening, the two settled on the sofa watching TV, hugging. His hands wandered in the course of the evening, as did hers. By ten they were necking.

Finally, Dan interjected, “I wonder what Jen is up to?”

“Let’s call her.” Ellen replied.

She got her phone and called.

“Hey, Ellen.”

“What are you up to?” Ellen asked.

“In my room. Let me put my earphones in. So, what are you two up to.” Jennifer replied.

“Sitting in from of the TV. Wishing you were here. Dan is playing with my tits, of course.”

“Of course!” Jennifer laughed. “Have you fucked yet today?”

“Mmm… Not yet. Dan is undoing my blouse as we speak.”

“Ooh… Turn on your video. Let me see.”

Ellen did and propped up the phone on the table as Dan took her top off then her pants. Ellen in turn pulled his t-shirt off then had him stand so she could drop his jeans, exposing his erect cock.

Ellen grabbed the phone and showed it off. “How’s the view, Jen?”

“Hot! Suck on it.”

Ellen handed to phone to Dan and began licking his shaft. She then took its full length in her mouth as Dan moaned. After a minute Dan handed the phone back and sat next to her. He kissed her, driving his tongue deep, then kissed her neck as his hand worked its way between her legs.

“Enjoying the show?” Ellen asked.

“Yes! Wish I was there.”

“So do we… Oh fuck.” Ellen exclaimed as Dan’s finger found her clit.

Dan pressed two fingers into her wet slit, then looked at the phone. “Can’t wait to do this to you.”

“Let’s see you.” Ellen demanded.

Jennifer had stripped by this time and was laying on her bed. Video on, she held the phone on her thigh, legs spread, exposing her snatch as her other hand explored her body.

Ellen was doing her best to hold the phone with one hand as the other stroked his hard cock.

“Put that cock inside you!” Jennifer demanded.

Ellen straddled his hips. Dan held his eager rod to her soaking pussy as Ellen pointed the phone. “Ready Jen?”

“Do it!” was the reply.

Jennifer watched on her phone as Ellen descended on the full length of his shaft.

“Oh fuck, Ellen. That’s hot!”

“Put your fingers in that pussy!” Ellen commanded as she pointed at Dan sucking on a tit.

“Oh fuck!” They heard and both looked to see a close up of Jennifer frigging her wet slit.

“Oh Jen! Yes! Do it! Oh God! Dan feels so good inside me.”

Ellen began riding him hard now as Jennifer watched and worked her pussy at the same pace.

“Oh Jen, he feels so good. I can feel it. I’m going to cum soon. Cum with me.”

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