4 Moms 4 Aidan Ch. 04


Disclaimer: I am grateful for Utamu who have helped make my story more readable. If there still are errors, then it’s my fault.

All characters in this story are of legal age.


About a month after his birthday party Aidan was over at his friend Kevin Powell’s house on a Saturday afternoon. They had been playing hoops and was now cooling down on the patio.

Kevin was bragging about his hot date this evening, when his mother Grace Powell walked in on the two boys and heard his statement.

“Have you forgotten, that you promised to drive your father and me to a party tonight and pick us up again?” Grace asked her son.

“Damn, I totally forgot mom. Can’t you get a taxi?” Kevin responded.

“You know how unreliable they are.” Grace said annoyed at her son. He had promised to drive them.

“But I’ve a date tonight. Can’t you find another way to get to your party” Kevin sounded indifferent to his mother’s situation.

Aidan listen careful to the conversation and thought this could maybe provide him with a chance to get a more intimate connection with his friend’s hot mother. He took in the hot MILF. She was a successful Realtor and was always dressed in the latest and most expensive fashion trends and accessories. Married to a prominent surgeon Russell Powell, she had always taken her public appearance serious.

A stunning early-forties redhead, Grace’s fabulous body made her son’s friends fantasize about her. She stood 5’6”, long dark red hair with big green eyes. Her waist was small and her stomach flat, showing no sign that she was the mother of two teenagers. Her long wavy red hair fell down her back and around her shoulders, framing her beautiful face. On her slender frame her breasts looked full and round, and they were by no means small. Grace went to the gym often, which paid off because she had a real firm ass.

Taking the opportunity Aidan said, “I can take you to the party tonight, Mrs. P.”

Grace took in her son’s friend. Aidan, with his styled hair that occasionally flopped into a fringe, his capturing eyes, strong, toned and muscular build, ever-present mischievous smile and lively, adventurous personality was always a joy to have around.

“Thanks Aidan, but you don’t have to…” Grace started to say.

“I don’t have any plans, so it would be my pleasure to help you and Mr. P.” Aidan interrupted.

“Alright. You can use our car. If you come by at 6 pm it would be fine.”

“I’ll be there,” Aidan said as he got up and left for home.

Aidan hadn’t formulated a plan, when he rang the Powell’s doorbell. He just hoped the night would provide him with a chance to make out with his friend’s hot mother.

Grace answered the doorbell, and greeted Aidan in one of her exquisite outfits. It was tasteful as always. A black shawl hung over her shoulders and covered her pale skin. She had on a silky green dress that was cut to show every freckle on her chest. The dress was cut at the front so that the neckline fell and showed the tops of her luscious breasts. Even in this tasteful dress her breasts were pushed together to create an impressive cleavage. It was obvious that she was wearing no bra as well. The dress hung just below her knees, showing her slim and shapely calves, and there was a slit on the right side that went up to her upper thigh. She wore a choker collar which served as the perfectly appropriate symbolism. Her beautiful red hair glowed and smelled like strawberries, hanging down over her breasts.

Aidan took in the sight and smiled, “Wow Mrs. P. You look really beautiful.”

Grace smiled as she playfully twirled on her green strappy shoes with 3 inch heels. The high heel pushed her height up to 5’9″. She was still a lot shorter than Aidan. Aidan took in the sight and whistled.

Grace giggled at this and said, “Stop it Aidan. You’ll make an old woman blush.”

Aidan looked around before he said, “Old woman…I don’t see an old woman anywhere. I just see a gorgeous sophisticated woman in her prime.”

Hearing this Grace was surprised. She was flattered by the compliment from this handsome young man. Before she could say something, Aidan playful introduced himself as her chauffeur this evening and extended his hand out to shake hers. Grace laughed as she extended her hand. Once Aidan made contact with her soft manicured hand, it was like a jolt of electricity coursing through each of them. With hands joined and each staring into the others eyes, it was as if time had frozen.

As Aidan let go of her hand, Grace felt a tiny shudder run over her body. She was surprised, when she felt a small ripple in her vagina as she took in the handsome young man. The sensation was causing her distress and thoughts were going through her mind. “What just happen? How can I feel an attraction towards Aidan? I’m happily married to Russell. I’ve known Aidan since he was a tiny boy and he is Kevin’s best friend. God, I must be getting depraved!” she chided herself.

Before she could say anything liseli porno Russell walked in and greeted Aidan. Russell was a fine man, but the years had taken its toll on the once slender 5’10” surgeon. He had risen to be a successful surgeon, but that also meant he had to be working a lot as an expert in his field.

Soon they all got into Russell’s late-model BMW and thirty minutes later, they parked at the hotel. Aidan drove home and just couldn’t wait to pick them up again.

An hour after midnight Aidan got a text from Grace that they would like to be picked up from the party.

When he arrived he noticed Russell was quite drunk and Grace a little bit angry. Russell got into the backseat and almost immediately fell asleep.

Grace got into the car annoyed with the way the evening had ended. It had started real good, as Russell and her had mingled around the room, talking with friends. But Russell had gotten together with some of his doctor friends and they had hit the bar hard. Grace had talked with their wives, but the way Russell had dismissed their romantic evening together genuinely stung. She had been looking forward to this party and now it was kind of ruined. She was a little bit tipsy, but most of all pissed off at her long time husband.

As Aidan began to talk to her, she soon forgot about it as she was delight in their conversation. He had some interesting perspectives on a lot of subjects. She was amazed as her own son was more a typical teenager. This handsome young man was a lot more mature. She started to daydream a little but a question from Aidan brought her back.

“Did you even get a chance to dance, Mrs. P.?”

“No, I did not.”

“I’m sorry. I know how you love to dance”

“Maybe you can give me a spin, when we’re home. Vanessa let your secret slip,” Grace giggled.

Aidan saw his chance right away. He was sure, Vanessa hadn’t told her friend about all their activities. He decided to take action and sounding insecure said, “Hmmmm…I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

Grace felt thrilled, that she had unsettled her young chauffeur. “You’ve been taking dance lessons with Vanessa.”

“Damn, it should have been a secret.”

“Relax Aidan, your secret is safe with me. Vanessa just let it slip one day.”

Aidan turned his head and looked smiling at Grace, “Thanks. I’ll never live down the humiliation if my friends found out. And I’ll love to dance with you, when we get home.”

Grace felt excited and laughed.

Soon the car was parked in the Powell’s garage. Grace and Aidan got out, but Russell was still heavy asleep. Grace tried to shake him awake, but to no avail.

“Let me Mrs. P,” Aidan said and as Grace moved out of his way, he bend down and lifted Russell out of the car. He placed the older man in a fireman grip and walked through the house before he dropped him on the king-size bed in the married couple’s bedroom.

Grace had followed Aidan and was amazed by the easy way the young man had picked up her husband and carried him through the house.

“Thank you so much Aidan. Would you like a beer or something else?” She asked.

“A beer would be nice. But let’s go to the basement. There are only a bar, a pool table and a great sound system. It will provide us with enough space for dancing.” Aidan said looking forward to get his hands on the hot red-headed MILF.

Grace felt a shiver run through her body as she realized Aidan wanted to dance with her.

Soon they were in the basement, the music was playing as the couple toasted each other. After a minute Aidan extended his hand and Grace laughed as she extended her hand. Once Aidan made contact with her soft manicured hand, it once again was like a jolt of electricity coursing through each of them. Grace remembered it had been the same, when he had picked her up. She decided to live this experience as if she had no care in the world. The alcohol played a role in her decision, but she didn’t reflect about the fact, that she was inebriated.

Aidan pulled his friend’s mother out on the floor, where there was enough room to dance.

“You don’t have too,” Grace said.

“It’ll be my pleasure,” Aidan laughed as he held Grace’s fabulous body in his arms, moving her effortlessly around the floor.

Grace was thrilled as she found Aidan to be an excellent dancer. It was obviously he had had lessons. He moved with grace and ease and she did her best to keep up with him.

At first they danced, laughed, and talked with each other. The light was dimmed and as a medley of slow songs started, Aidan felt how Grace snuggled into him as they slow danced around the room.

Grace didn’t realize it but Aidan was slowly moving his hands around her back. She had her head on his shoulder and her full, soft breasts pressed into his chest as they swayed to the soft music. Suddenly, Grace could feel Aidan getting excited. When she looked up in surprise, his lips came down to hers.

Startled mobil porno Grace would have pulled away but she had been longing for a kiss all evening. She knew that it was not right, she was a married woman. However, the wine, the music, and Aidan’s strong arms made her throw caution to the wind and melt into his embrace. Their bodies gently swayed together as their tongues dueled. She could feel Aidan’s hands slip down to her silk covered ass cheeks. A little moan escaped her lips when his strong fingers pressed into her flesh and she responded by pressing her groin into his.

“Oh my,” Grace stuttered as Aidan pulled his lips apart from hers.

“You’re a great dancer, Mrs. P. Let’s just enjoy the moment, don’t think…just dance,” Aidan smiled down at the stunning redhead.

“I’m married…we can’t…” Grace whispered licking her moist red lips.

“Let’s just have some fun tonight. I think you need to dance a little bit more,” Aidan calmed the hot wife down.

He pulled the married woman back up against him and soon Grace’s body was plastered to his muscular body. He smiled and pulled her even tighter.

Aidan began to kiss Grace’s neck, bringing chills to her. His hands slowly worked down her back until he once again was holding her ass cheeks. Then they were kissing again. The room began to spin around Grace as the kiss went on and on. They were no longer moving but standing motionless, except for their lips and Aidan’s hands.

Aidan took a chance as he moved his hand to her breast. Slowly, his large hand slid down and into the top of Grace’s gown. He heard Grace moaned but she made no move to stop him. Soon her hard nipple was seeking out his hand.

Grace was flustered and she could feel her juice filling her panties as she gave in to the handsome teen.

Aidan smiled as he felt the rattled beauty give in to his caress. It was quite obvious that he had unnerved her with his bold actions. As he continued to French kiss her and fondled her full breast, he knew that the battle had been won when his friend’s mother did nothing to stop him.

Grace moaned, when Aidan’s moved his lips and started nibbling at her slender neck and earlobe.

Now Aidan was deftly and skillfully unzipping the zipper down the back of her dress. He moved his lips back to Grace’s moist lips and soon his tongue was flicking in her mouth. Aidan had worked the dress over her shoulders and it then fell down to her waist. Seconds later continuing kissing the married beauty, he easily lifted her and made his way over to the nearby pool table, where he placed the trembling wife and mother. As she lay there panting and unable to put up any resistance, Aidan slipped her high-heels off and then began working her dress down over her trim legs. And then there remained only one flimsy garment to protect and conceal the red treasure from his view.

Grace’s befuddled mind could not comprehend, that this was actually taking place in her own home, right on the pool table with her husband sleeping it off upstairs. She’d always been faithful in her marriage, and now this handsome young stud had her heart fluttering like a teenage girl and she was helpless to stop him from continuing. She felt his large hands on her ankles, getting her to bend her legs, raising her legs up and placing her feet flat on the tabletop.

Surprised she felt her knees being pushed apart, then there was hotness on her on her vagina. “What’s he doing” she thought and then she moaned out load as she was getting eaten out for the first time in a very long time. Reaching down with both hands, grasping the young stud’s hair, she arched up her hips as she began to quiver uncontrollably.

“Argggggggggggg…oh myyyyyyyyyyyyy,” she panted as she experienced a mind shattering climax.

With the beautiful woman totally out of it as her body continued to twitch in spasms, Aidan knew he would soon be 4 for 4. Not needing to rush at this point, Aidan looked at the once faithful woman squirming about on the tabletop as he popped open the button of his jeans. Shirt pulled off, he worked his jockeys down and stepped out of them.

Aidan loved the fact, that he had his friend’s mother shivering before him. As she started to come down from her climax he noticed Grace’s eyes focused upon his waist. He wanted to make her aware of what was awaiting her, so he gave her a show by pumping his swelling cock that was soon to be sliding up her wet tight pussy. Aidan smiled, when he saw her eyes widen in amazement, as his cock nearly doubled in size.

Grace was really stunned and simply stared at the large slab of manhood between the teen’s muscular legs.

“I know, I’m a little large but don’t worry,” Aidan grinned down at her.

“Large,” Grace thought, “you’re more than double Russell’s size.”

Before she could say anything Aidan guided Grace’s hand to his member. In awe of his huge member she started to caress his penis. The once faithful wife was in a sexual frenzy and did nothing to stop öğrenci porno this from happening.

Pulling her slender body towards him, getting her sopping wet pussy to the edge of the table, Aidan was ready to fuck his friend’s mother. The table made it the perfect height for him and Aidan couldn’t wait anymore. He slid his hands up her smooth thighs, over her flared hips and finally to her tiny waist. He firmly grasped her waist to keep her from moving, and gently but firmly got in between her legs.

At this moment Grace recognized what Aidan was doing. Her common sense was telling her, that this was so wrong and she tried to wiggle away from the young hunk. She could not, however, because Aidan was holding her quite firm.

Aidan noticed, that Grace was trying to stop this from happen. He moved his hand down to his hard shaft and for the first time the tip of his cock brushed the bulls-eye of the moist red target before him.

Grace’s eyes opened wide. Willingly or not, her legs were now spread wide, with his very large cock poised at the entrance to her womb. She was now in the perfect position to be fucked. Soon she would really be cheating on her husband.

Aidan was really turned on. He had taken advantages of Grace being tipsy, he had stripped her, he had put her on her back, and he had primed her well in preparation for his penetration into her. He couldn’t believe that in a matter of seconds, he would be fucking her. He thought that she was ready to receive him. He positioned his cock at the entrance to her tunnel and pushed with a firm resolve. Just as her lips had parted for his tongue earlier, now her pussy lips demurely parted to his insistent pressure.

“Fuck she’s tight,” Aidan thought. Even with the head lubricated with precum, he could still only proceed slowly. He was quite simply as large as her body could handle. It took him four forced thrusts to gain half penetration.

Grace looked up at her young lover with begging eyes. It was quite painful. Then she looked down between her swaying breasts and saw that his cock had become even larger. Now she was understanding the impact of his size. Using only half of his cock, he had stretched her as much as anyone before. Her hands grabbed hold of his biceps, but she didn’t voice any objection.

Aidan pushed deeper into her, and felt how her fingers were clenched tightly around his biceps, her eyes filled with both fear and desire. He bent down and kissed her lips. He felt, how Grace now accepted his penis willingly and he began to thrust into her tight pussy. He had broken this gorgeous married woman, and he would now ride her for his complete pleasure.

Grace felt how her juices started to flow with more force. It poured out from her, as the young hunk continued his assault on her pleasure hole, puddling on the pool table. She had never felt anything like this.

Aidan was encouraged by the sight in front of him. Thrusting to achieve full penetration was his favorite aspect of breaking a mature woman. He enjoyed the pain he inflicted while stretching a woman to the limits of her tissue.

As Grace’s vagina opened gradually to accept Aidan’s massive cock, she was indeed in fear that the young muscular hunk would rip her apart. She now did everything she could to help him enter her. She was no longer worried about her fidelity. She was trying to keep from being split open by the dominant teen who had her pinned down and who was intent on burying his huge organ deep within her, regardless of the consequences to her delicate frame. She splayed her legs wide apart to help Aidan force his huge cock more deeply into her with each stroke. Soon the pain was replaced by pleasure.

With a final thrust, Aidan buried his long hard shaft fully into his friend’s mother. His pubic bone pushed harshly into her. The hair around the base of his cock mingled with the red mane above her love mound. He stopped to enjoy the moment.

Grace’s womb was filled to its extreme. She could feel Aidan’s penis probing her very sensitive cervix at the end of her inner chamber. She couldn’t believe that she had been able to take in his entire, massive penis. At the same time, however, she couldn’t help luxuriating in the feel of him. She felt so full.

Aidan smiled down at her in victory. He savored his position. Here he stood, with his cock finally embedded completely in one of the most beautiful women he had ever known. He remembered, how she at one time had been as a mother to him and his friend’s mother. He looked down at her stunning flushed face, her red hair, her neck, her full breasts, her flat belly. She was perfection, and now she was under his control.

As he began to move his hard cock in and out of her tight pussy he looked down. Each time he withdrew his long thick shaft, Grace’s pussy slurped in protest. His cock was now shiny, fully coated and dripping with the juices.

Grace’s breathing was coming in strained gasps. The muscular teenager had released an animal that she had never known was there. Her body wanted to be his woman in every way. Now her mind joined her body in the desire to be taken by him and his huge cock. For the first time in ages she wanted a hot passionate fuck. She moaned out loud, “What are you doing to me, Aidan. I’ve never felt anything like this. Please don’t stop.”

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